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Can the Ruger LC9 be More than a Good Concealed Carry?



Can the Ruger LC9 be More than a Good Concealed Carry? by Gun Carrier at

Can the Ruger LC9 be More than a Good Concealed Carry? by Gun Carrier at

As a lightweight compact pistol, which by the way explains its name, the Ruger LC9 joins the fray of small handguns that are easy to carry; about as at home in the pocket, a lady’s purse or just about anywhere near your person that you consider your favorite concealed carry compartment. It can either make you feel like a secret agent or confident enough to meet with friends who are not comfortable with guns.

Can the Ruger LC9 be More than a Good Concealed Carry?

Just because it’s small does not mean it’s not potent. Unlike .25- or .32 caliber compacts, the Ruger LC9 offers 9mm of stopping power, seven plus one to be exact. And it adds great style to that with a slim and sweeping profile, a far cry from its SR9c sibling. The LC9 is sleek like that famous MI6, staying true to the phrase if looks could kill, literally and figuratively

Ruger LC9 Review | We Want Your Opinion!

The Ruger LC9 is getting some very mixed reviews.

It seems that people don’t know exactly what to think of this gun.

For this reason, we give you three reviews- one negative, one neutral, and one positive.

Based on these reviews(plus the awesome bonus videos at the bottom of this post), and your own personal experience with the Ruger LC9, help us decide the final verdict on this handgun.

Is the Ruger LC9 an awesome handgun or just a disappointment?

Put your thoughts in the comments and we’ll settle this once and for all!

Negative Ruger LC9 Review- Giving Up On The LC9

This reviewer is putting his Ruger LC9 up for sale after 6 months of use. Watch the video to find out why he’s giving up on this handgun.

Neutral Ruger LC9 Review- Middle Of The Road

Long trigger pull and reset is just one of the problems this reviewer finds with Ruger LC9. This review weighs the pros and the cons of the weapon about evenly.

Positive Ruger LC9 Review- Home Run

This reviewer calls this gun the beautiful big brother to the LCP. He feels that it’s a great gun for the range and enjoys the ergonomics of the handle of the LC9. The size and weight also make this gun a great concealed carry option according to this positive review. 

Bonus Videos:

Can’t decide what you think of this handgun? Check out these bonus videos to help you make up your mind

Ruger LC9 Disassembl

Ruger LC9 Range Test

Ruger LC9 Magazine Extension Review

via Ruger LC9 Review | We Need Your Help! | Survival Life – Survival Life | Outdoor Survival Gear & Skills, SHTF Prepping.


Looks can be deceiving though, as it may be a heavy hitter on the aesthetics department, the LC9 is also a heavyweight. 17.1 ounces seems to betray its compact dimensions but it’s the price to pay considering the fact that its a 9 millimeter shooter. The LCP, its little brother, offers lighter weight and consequently less stopping power with its .380 ammunition.

There is good reason for the added heft. When you have to defend yourself from dangerous elements, you want to be able to take them down and with that 9mm you need some counterweight to fight the recoil. It’s that simple, really.

For its size, the LC9 is surely quick. Gripping it while shooting is made easier with the little extension but it’s definitely not designed for continuous shooting. At which point you’d be wishing for something more appropriate. Again it goes back to the LC9’s purpose, a concealed carry good enough for self defense.

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