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Gun Carrier has a simple plan: to be the one-stop-shop for the latest guns, gear, accessories, and technology, plus reviews and buyer’s guides, in-depth video interviews, gun show deals, survival equipment, vehicles, and so much more. In short, basically EVERYTHING that appeals to the modern shooter’s lifestyle. Every day we see the Second Amendment being challenged. Every day we see ignorance shared across mainstream media channels and basic truths ignored. Have you had enough? Then DO something about it! What can we do for you? We can guarantee an audience, we can promise a community where true experts reign supreme, and where amateur babble is kicked to the curb. And we can showcase each of our stellar contributors prominently with pride, linking back to businesses you own and shining a bright light on everything that you do. …And everything you have fought and continue to fight for! [formidable id=1] Here’s the deal folks, and we ain’t gonna lie. One thing we can’t do right now is offer you a ton of money. That won’t always be the case, and we will certainly increase rates for those of you who show dedicated interest and killer knowledge. For now, you’re looking at $25 for most posts, plus $5 for every high-res photo of yours we use. Most of our blogs feature at least 10 photos, so we can kick back $75 on the low-end for stuff you probably are doing anyway (or at least really want to!). We’re open to a wide swatch of content, including video, so long as you’re the real deal. Is it a fulltime gig? No, not even close. Not yet. But we certainly hope it leads to one for our top contributors. If you’d like to be a part of this from the beginning, please fill out the form below. We look forward to working with you. Sincerely,


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