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Gun Review | The Beretta M9A1 Defies Its Critics



beretta m9a1

Loathed by every armchair commando since its controversial m1911 back in 1979, many consider the Beretta M9A1 to be a failure of a firearm. Many that claim that this is such a terrible gun, and have either little or no experience with it.

The Beretta M9A1 defies its critics

There have been multiple stories where soldiers have experienced critical failure with this firearm in combat, but the thing is, that can happen with any firearm that is not taken care of properly. Keep in mind this is a military gun, where they may have already reached their lifespan and have never had a recoil spring replacement. These guns are criticized heavily by the military and nonmilitary alike but they are bashing a gun that is used by tons of different military members who each have different standards when it comes to their firearm maintenance.


M9a1 comes with a rail for light or laser

So what is the M9 all about? We are checking out the Beretta M9A1, which is the civilian variant of the M9 standard issue pistol for the military. The Beretta M9A1 has a rail dustcover and the nitrate finish magazines vs the m9 or m92 series.

If you want to use it as your home defense or concealed carry you have the option to attach a light or laser to it for better vision and target acquisition.


The M9a1 has an ambidextrous safety which also acts as a de-cocker.

The good part about this gun is that the slide is nice and light making it very easy to rack. The downside to this is that the barrel is exposed. The weapon does cool faster but if you grab the barrel after some shooting you run the risk of burning your hand.

The slide of the gun is a steel slide and the frame of the gun is made of aluminum. This can lead to some issues later down the line with high round count. The average life is 3,500 rounds. This can obviously be extended by replacing the springs and slide on the weapon.

Is the Grip too Large to be Effective?


Will shoot almost any type of ammo you put in it. It's not picky.

Another complaint with this firearm is that the grip is quite large. It is a great gun to shoot and I personally love the feel being a Beretta 92F owner. This comes down to what you are comfortable with and what your hand size is.

For this review, the Beretta M9a1 was fired with various grains of 9mm ammo. It was shot with 115 grain to 147-grain subsonic ammo. There were no failures and had no lubrication during the firing session. This is obviously not optimal and not recommended by Beretta but it does show that the gun will still work in these conditions.


Beautiful gun that performed well

I love the look of a Beretta M9A1 and it is an iconic gun seen in hundreds of movies, television shows, and video games. It just looks great and you can pick one up for around $599.

You can also check out this full video on the Beretta M9a1 Review

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Joe

    January 13, 2021 at 7:12 PM

    Thank you for this review. I fired thousands of rounds through the Beretta during my service years and am in the population you described as a veteran who wants his own M9. This gun is nostalgic for me, but I also just really like it.

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