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The 10 Coolest Guns You’ve Never Heard Of



Most people are familiar with handguns, shotguns, and rifles, and may even know about Tommy guns or machine guns. But throughout history, some truly unusual and multi-use firearms have been created with varying degrees of success. Some are laughable and some are diabolical, but chances are you haven’t happened across these cool guns in your travels.

These are some of the coolest guns you’ve never heard of.

1. Haight Fist Gun

A .38 pistol attached to a glove, the Haight fist gun allows you to keep a firearm at the ready without having to hold anything.

You can be working away, and when you have to open fire? Just make a fist.

Only about 50 of these were manufactured during WWII, so they couldn’t have been too useful, but the idea of punching and shooting someone at the same time sounds like a winner in theory.

2. Apache Revolver

Although these only fire a few feet, Apache Revolvers have it all: a knife, a pistol, and brass knuckles. Did we mention they fold together neatly to fit in your pocket?

It’s no wonder they became popular in the French underworld in the early 1900’s.

3. Elgin Cutlass Pistol

After George Elgin patented the Bowie knife, he worked with a gun manufacturer to create the Elgin pistol: a .54 caliber pistol with a Bowie knife conveniently attached.

Just in case someone got too close before you could shoot them, you could always fall back on stabbing them.

4. APS Underwater Assault Rifle

Leave it to the Soviets to create a rifle for use underwater.

In the 1970s, they created the APS to shoot 5.66 mm rounds specifically for use underwater.

It is modeled after the AK-47.

5. G.R.A.D. .22 RS Knife Gun

Another knife/gun combo unit, you can pull the trigger on the handle to shoot .22 caliber bullets.

It’s always good to be prepared if your knife fight escalates.

6. Stinger Pen Gun

Disappointingly, the Stinger is not a functional pen. However, when folded, it does shoot one .22 caliber round.

Completely disguised firearms like this one are illegal in many states for obvious reasons.

7. Cell Phone Gun

Another master of disguise, the cell phone gun is now a bit outdated in its design. Again, not functional as a cell phone, which is disappointing, but the cell phone gun instead fires .22 caliber rounds by pushing buttons on the keypad.

Sounds like the perfect self-defense weapon for grandma, who may struggle with pulling a trigger (and modern technology).

8. The Palm Pistol

The palm pistol is small enough and round enough to be clutched in your fist, and a single .38 Spl. round is fired with the push of a button.

Another great choice for grandma, since there’s no traditional trigger.

9. American-180

This submachine gun was developed in the 1960s and fires .22 LR cartridges from a pan-style magazine.

A semi-automatic only variant is still produced on a custom basis.

10. Korobov TKB-059

A Soviet three-barrel bullpup assault rifle, the TKB-059 was capable of fully automatic fire from all three barrels. With a capacity of 90 rounds, each barrel was independently fed from the magazine. It can be fired ambidextrously as the cartridge ejection is downwards behind the magazine area.

Militaries around the world, and a few ingenious gun manufacturers, have given us some fascinating firearms throughout history. While some have been mass produced, many were tried and found to be novelties. These days, they make for great collectibles to show off to your friends.

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