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Top 7 9mm Carry Ammo For Self Defense




Are you looking for the best 9mm carry ammo for your concealed carry self-defense handguns? This list will help you narrow down your choices to what works best for you.

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7 Hottest 9mm Carry Ammo Brands in the Market Today

1. Hornady Critical Defense

Hornady Critical Defense was primarily designed for personal protection and has various calibers to attest to that. Its calibers range from .22 WMR to .44mag, including several rifle variations like the 410 and 12ga.

Moreover, it makes excellent standard carry calibers, especially its 9mm that weighs only 115g. Their flex tip core principle avoids expansion in fabrics and ultimately saves the impact for more fluid and denser materials.

Note: The 9mm caliber passes FBI protocol with 13.62 inches penetration and .52″ expansion.

2. Winchester PDX1 Defender 124gr +P

You know the Winchester PDX1 Defender is one of the best self-defense rounds if the FBI chooses it as their handgun ammo. This is regardless of the caliber you are using.

Thanks to the bonded bullets, the rounds will produce roughly 14.75-inch-deep wound channels. It has a .58″ expansion and a muzzle velocity of up to 1,200 feet per second.

Note: Unlike the 10mm that is relatively light, the 9mm is quite heavy.

3. Federal HST

Federal HST is available in 9mm 147gr and 124gr, 200gr 10mm, 230gr .45, and 180gr .40. These calibers make up for the Hydra-Shock's shortcomings.

The 124gr 9mm is the popular caliber, but you can carry the 147gr caliber if it gels well with your guns. The 147gr 9mm has a consistent .63″ expansion and a 13.6-inches penetration, both of which pass FBI protocol.

Note: The nickel-plated case guarantees glitch-free feeding and ejection.

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4. Speer Gold Dot 124gr

Even after being in production for more than 20 years, the Speer Gold Dot still has solid performance that stands up to newer brands. What's more, it has several handgun calibers in various specialty configurations and weights.

Besides eye-catching ballistics, it has a muzzle velocity of 1,150 feet per second and healthy muzzle energy of 327 foot-pounds. This is coupled with .56″ expansion and 15.4 inches penetration making it the longer barrel carry ammo of choice.

Note: Its bonded bullet is resistant to core-jacket separation.

5. Sig Sauer Elite V-Crown

The Sig Sauer Elite V-Crown comes in a variety of weights and calibers. It is an excellent round for Sig Sauer firearms, especially the P365, and works great in any other concealed carry gun.

The 9mm has a penetration slightly less than that of the Federal HST, but it is overall a great performer. It has practice ammo that allows you to practice with ammo similar to your carry ammo.

6. Winchester Ranger T-Series

The Winchester T-Series is another older competitor, with a penetration that runs about 15.8 inches with an expansion of .54″. It is a previous FBI round and is still used by some police departments, which attests to its effectiveness.

As far as calibers go, Winchester Ranger T-Series has you sorted with three 9mm options; a standard pressure 147gr and lighter calibers in +P and +P+. You also get a single .380 and .357 sig, a heavy and lightweight option for .40 caliber and .45 heavy round a +P Variant.

Note: Its 9mm +P variant ups the penetration to 23 inches but drops expansion to .44 inches.

7. Magtech Guardian Gold 115gr +P

The Magtech Guardian Gold 115gr +P will not disappoint if you like quicker rounds for your 9mm handguns. With a muzzle velocity of 1,246 feet per second, it's undoubtedly one of the faster ammunition options available to the public.

Thanks to its 397 foot-pounds of muzzle energy, it is also a powerful round. It has an impressive expansion on contact and is a remarkably accurate caliber with low recoil.

There you have, fellow gun lovers. You cannot go wrong with this list. What's more, most of the brands herein have practice rounds that offer you a chance to practice with something similar to your round of choice. This way, you know what to expect and what suits your needs best.

What is your favorite carry ammo? Let us know in the comment section below!

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