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Staccato P Review | Staccato P 1000 Round – The Most Accurate Duty Pistol



STI Staccato has made a name for itself by producing guns based on the double-stack 2011 grip frame over the years. Staccato P is their newest pistol and here is our comprehensive Staccato Preview to give you a sneak peek at all the upgrades from the original.

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The Only Detailed Staccato P Review You Will Ever Need

Understanding the Staccato P

Staccato P, previously known as the STI Staccato P, is a 4.4-inch 2011 style handgun. It is a single-action pistol, meaning it can only work when the hammer is cocked to the rear.

This offers you a light and short trigger pull.


At its core, Staccato P is a physical representation of the best in the duty and everyday carry realm. It comes in a 9mm gauge, which comes in handy as the caliber has made a remarkable comeback as the standard for duty pistols.


The Staccato P takes double stack magazines where it shares some similarities with 1911s. It comes with three 17-round flush-fit magazines. You can also get it in 20-round magazines, depending on the version you purchase.

Depending on the Staccato P you buy, you can get black-coated magazines with an inch-long protrusion at the bottom of the regular silver magazines.

What's more, there's also a 27-round magazine available for anyone looking for a “submachine”. Though these new magazines will typically send you 50 to 100 dollars short, it is more of a significant improvement from previous options than an expensive upgrade.

Note: The pistol's beveled mag well allows for easy magazine changes


When it comes to usability, the Staccato P offers controls that are exceptionally comfortable for any shooter who has ever handled 1911. As a single-action handgun with grip and manual safeties, all its controls are where they should be, but with slight variation.

For instance, it features an ambidextrous manual safety, and a slightly recessed slide release lever to prevent accidental activation of your firearm.


The Recoil Master guide rod system is another notable feature on the Staccato P. This system is designed to utilize nested springs to spread the recoil and therefore flattening out the pistol's movement whenever you are firing.

It is important to note that all metal parts come coated in black DLC for durability, especially under rough conditions.

Besides the Recoil Master guide rod system, the pistol's bulky weight also plays a vital role in offering excellent recoil control. Most of this added weight is in the frame and the dust cover, which is a little heavy when unloaded but balances out when loaded.

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The Staccato P is such a catch for red-dot lovers as it is available in the Dawson Universal Optics system (DUO model). The DUO system is built for the Trijicon RMR and the DeltaPoint Pro, the two most popular pistol dots today.

As a result, the Leupold mounts directly to the slide top, but the Trijicon RMR needs an adapter plate or anything that will sit on its footprint.

However, the DUO red-dot mounting system on the newer Staccato P version comes with a reduced RMR-pattern adapter plate allowing you to get your optics lower down. They still won't sit as low as a direct-mounted Delta Point, but at least they won't sit as high as on the original plates.

Note: The SRO might not be the right optic for this handgun as its hood hangs over the chamber, which can cause a malfunction when a spent case gets trapped, and that is something you do not want to risk during self-defense.

Barrel Length

Staccato comes with brand new 2020 variants thanks to functional and aesthetic changes.

The original Staccato P came with a 4.15-inch barrel, but 4- to 4.4-inch barrel sizes have seen ever-rising favor over the past years as the ideal balance between government-sized 5-inch barrels and the three-inch barrels on most pocket pistols. It offers a great balance of capability and concealability.

The 2020 Staccato P was initially designed to be a full-stroke pistol with a 4.25 inches barrel length. However, this design minimized the captive spring area for the recoil system, and therefore, the Staccato P for 2020 was stretched out to 4.4 inches, bringing it in line with other firearms in its class.

Further, trials confirmed that most shooters like the 4.4-inch barrel better due to smoother recoil and less disruption of the sight picture.


  • If you prefer a shorter option, the 3.9-inch double-stack, Staccato C2, which will fill the gap between capacity and size
  • The 4.4-inch barrel comes with a lower velocity than you would get with longer barrels


Besides being a double-stack handgun, the Staccato P features an ergonomic steel slide, steel frame, and a polymer grip that you can change to suit your taste and needs. This results in 34-pounds giving you a few more extra pounds to deal with than with other average polymer guns but also commendable recoil control.

The slide features classic 2011 serrations and cuts, which allow you to run the slide smoothly by pinching, even with an optic on it which is sometimes tricky when you don't have space and keep bumping the optic.

Note: The grip texture is not as aggressive as most shooters like


Though the trigger on the Staccato P comes in at around three to four pounds and is heavier than your average infinity, it is still extremely short and crisp. This guarantees fast and accurate follow-up shots, which you want in a duty or self-defense handgun.

On the other hand, the trigger undercut is significantly better than what you see in old generation 2011s, not to mention the manual safety and grip safety.

Thanks to the light trigger, you can count on the shot recess and, ultimately, the speed of this firearm.


Man with owner choosing handgun in gun shop | staccato p

Lastly, 2000 to 2400 dollars is a lot of money to spend on a pistol considering that you can get other guns like the Glock 17 that come close to Staccato P's performance for a quarter the price. That is a con you need to keep in mind when considering Staccato P.

Note: The price of the magazines is also a cost you need to consider.

Watch this video by Honest Outlaw on Staccato C2 1000 round review: the best compact 9mm pistol:

Staccato P makes a great alternative if you are looking to replace a fussy 2011 competition or a low-capacity 1911. It is one of the few guns that comes highly recommended for law enforcement use, home defense or even everyday concealed carry. Though it comes with a high price tag, Staccato P is amazingly accurate, reliable, exceptionally fast, and will come with everything you need out-of-the-box

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Have you used the Staccato P? Let us know what you think about it in the comment section below! 

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