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American Hunting Rifles In Action | The Ruger American Rifle

The first thing you notice when handling a rifle for the first time is its weight. And of course, if it’s on the racks, you might as well check the price.



Hunting rifle while adjustment at a shooting range | Chronograph And Ballistics | Long Range Hunting Tips | Featured

When handling American hunting rifles for the first time, the very fist thing you notice about it is its weight. You'll notice that most of our rifles are heavy. If you're looking for some lightweight, affordable, and also reliable all-American hunting rifles, the best option for you is the Ruger American rifle!

American Hunting Rifles In Action | The Ruger American Rifle 

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In addition to being lightweight, the Ruger American has a very smooth cocking mechanism. All that and other positive review points are just overflowing. Take a look at what one of the American hunting rifles can do!

To view Team Wild TV‘s review on the Ruger American hunting rifle, click on the play button below – or click [here]!

Check out some clips from this stupendous rifle review!

The rifle's lightweight synthetic stock allows for maximum maneuverability while the rubber butt pad makes up for the recoil. Carrying this American-made rifle in the field would be a breeze. Furthermore, you won't have to worry about carrying the weight when chasing game through different terrains.

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If you have been in the market for awhile looking for reliable hunting rifles and can't seem to trust more foreign manufacturers then for sure what you're looking for is a 100% all-American hunting rifle. Look no further because the Ruger American bolt-action rifle is the best deal the American rifleman should get! Being a powerful and reliable firearm, hunting big game like deer, elk and even bears will be no sweat!

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