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Why You Need To Keep Your Mouth Shut After A Defensive Gun Use



I absolutely love defensive gun uses.

Each time a DGU takes place, I imagine that some small part of a progressive liberal croaks under the weight of its own hypocrisy. Having said all of that, there is a a little something that you need to remember, should you ever find yourself needing to use your gun.

But first, I applaud this elderly, disabled man on delivering what he thinks to be 2 out of 3 fired shots to an intruder's chest he believed would harm him. Good job, sir.

However, I'm going to take this time to point out something I deem to be very, very important. While he felt as though he was totally fine with everything he said in the TV interview he conducted, I urge you to use a little more caution after defending yourself with a gun.

This man just went on a nationally recognized TV station and told his story. While I'm not sure if he had consulted with an attorney first, he never should have said anything. Going one step further, if his attorney gave him the green-light to go on national television to give this statement, he needs a new lawyer.

It's like my lawyer friend, Mike always says: Lawyer Up And Shut Up!

Why? Because you can incriminate yourself for saying something that could later be used against you in court. It doesn't seem like he says anything incriminating, but he may have. Who knows if they had cut out a part of the interview.

It has been proven time and again, that the circumstances aren't always what they seem when you're being involved in a critical incident. You may believe that one thing is totally true, when in fact something else entirely has taken place. That is just what happens when tunnel vision sets in, and is the main reason why it is best to keep your mouth shut.

Because if you open your mouth, you could find yourself in prison—even if you don't deserve it. All it takes is one little slip of the tongue. I hope this isn't the case with this gentleman, but only time will tell at this point. One thing remains clear: One of the sources claims that they've turned the case over to the DA for both the alleged intruder, and the man who defended himself with his .22 pistol.

I can all but guarantee that the DA will be viewing the TV interview, made so readily available which could be a good thing for him, or count against him. Here is the interview he did, just in case you haven't seen it just yet:

Click here to watch the video.

Do you agree? What would you do? Would you keep your mouth shut as any decent lawyer would say, or would you blab on to the world about your defensive gun use Let us know in the comments below. When you're done commenting, make sure you subscribe to our Newsletter so you never miss a shot.

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1 Comment

  1. Shane Watts

    December 18, 2016 at 8:48 AM

    Good,informative articles. Enjoyable as well.

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