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Gun Turrets Review | Nightforce Hi-Speed Turrets




Nightforce Hi-Speed Turrets

If you're looking for an in-depth and great quality review of Nightforce hi-speed turrets, then you've come to the right place. Read on for great reviews of gun turrets!

1. Windage Turrets


The windage turrets have numbers that go from 0 to 1.  Next to that, you are going to see an R which means right wind and the underside you will see a 1 with an L meaning left wind. This makes it simple to remember what direction you are traveling with the wind. The wind turret with the Mil-radian is going to be 10 Mils in one revolution and for the MOA it is going to be 20 MOA per revolution.

2. Zero Stop Turret


The new high speed zero stop turret works the same way as the original for setting the zero stop. There are several differences on the MOA, you will have 20 MOA of elevation per rev and on the Mil you will have 10 Mil of elevation per rev. This also has the line indicator on the base and on the turret itself to mark each up with ease. In the image you can see that there are two white lines horizontally around the turret, these lines represent how many revolutions you've done, in this case two.

NIGHTFORCE ATACR 5-25x56mm ZeroStop Digillum Center Only Illumination Second Focal Plane (F2/SFP) 34mm Tube Hunting Gun Scope, Moar-T Reticle
  • PRECISION HI-SPEED ADJUSTMENTS - The Nightforce 5-25x56 hunting scope boasts Hi-Speed adjustments with patented ZeroStop, providing quick and precise calibration. With options in .1 Mrad or .25 MOA increments, shooters can easily make adjustments tailored to their preferences and shooting conditions. The capped windage adjustment adds an extra layer of security against unintended changes during crucial moments
  • ADVANCED OPTICS AND ILLUMINATION - Featuring a 34mm tube and fully multi-coated ED glass, this scope delivers exceptional light transmission of over 90%. The DigIllum digital reticle illumination, coupled with a parallax adjustment marked with numbered distances, enhances target visibility in various lighting conditions. The integrated Power Throw Lever (PTL) and XtremeSpeed thread for diopter adjustment make it a user-friendly and adaptable optic
  • VERSATILE MAGNIFICATION RANGE - With a magnification range from 5x to 25x, the scope is well-suited for diverse shooting scenarios. Its unique optical prescription ensures a wider field of view, providing a clear advantage in different situations. The scope's 120 MOA/34.9 Mils of elevation adjustment further contributes to its adaptability and performance in the field.

3. Turret Clicks


The turrets clicks are strong and very audible. They won't shift under bad conditions unless you want to do it yourself. The clicks on this scope are very well done and are definitely better than in the previous scope.

NIGHTFORCE ATACR 5-25x56mm First Focal Plane (F1/FFP) 34mm Tube Durable Precise Waterproof Fogproof Hunting Gun Scope, 250 MOA DigIllum PTL Moar Reticle
  • EXCEPTIONAL OPTICAL PERFORMANCE - The Nightforce ATACR - 5-25x56mm F1 hunting scope features top-tier ED glass, providing outstanding optical clarity and brightness. This ensures sharp, vivid images, even in challenging lighting conditions, enabling precise target identification and engagement
  • FIRST FOCAL PLANE RETICLE - Equipped with a first focal plane reticle, the ATACR F1 maintains consistent subtensions throughout the entire magnification range. This means that the reticle's features, such as holdover points, remain accurate regardless of the chosen magnification setting, enhancing versatility and accuracy
  • RUGGED AND DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - Built to withstand the demands of hunting and tactical applications, the scope is constructed with durable materials and subjected to rigorous testing. Its robust design ensures reliability in various environmental conditions, making it a trusted companion for shooters who require a high-performance optic in the field.

You can also check out the full video on the Nightforce Hi-Speed Turrets

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