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Want More Gun Control? Texture Your Grip For Better Handling



If you want to improve your gun control, adding texture to your grip can increase your chances of success and make you a better shooter. Continue reading and find out how you can enhance your gun handling skills.

Gun Control: Customizing Your Gun Grip

Sweaty hands or hands made slippery by rain or sunscreen can make you less efficient in handling your firearm and can make shooting less enjoyable. An insecure grip leads to insecure performance. If you’re one of the many shooters frustrated by a slipping grip, take heart, there are easy and affordable fixes. Below are some of the things you can do or add to your pistols for more effective grip and gun control:


1. Skateboard Tape

If you want to have more traction and have an extremely gritty grip but don't want to spend that much, then using a skateboard tape is a great solution. It is like a medium-grit sandpaper that has a strong adhesive. You can easily cut the skateboard tape to a specific size and shape then paste it onto the grip.

Skateboard tape usually stays in place for a long time and perfect during hot summer months.But when pasting, make sure each segment has round edges without any corners to catch on anything and as it might peel.

Another great thing about skateboard tape is you can experiment with different placements and sizes without committing to a permanent change. It’s a good way to see if or how much you might want to do a permanent technique, called stippling.

2. Stippling

Stippling | Want More Gun Control? Texture Your Grip For Better Handling

image via cerakoters

A permanent solution to a slippery grip is a treatment called stippling, in which a soldering iron is pressed against the grip surface to create a dot pattern. Stippling can be done deeply to make a very textured surface or less severely. To some extent, the polymer can be sanded off if stippling is deemed too severe.

There are many instructional articles and videos online for DIY stippling. As a paid service, it can set you back $35-50 dollars to have a pistol grip done. If you want to do your own stippling, it’s a good idea to practice first on something like polymer magazines or with a gun you wouldn't care of if its appearance changes. Different brands and parts will take heat more or less easily, so it’s important to get a feel for the job before taking on your favorite gun.

Want to modify and improve your gun grip? You can try this one out!

Considerations When Adding Texture

Adding texture is a matter of personal preference. Here are some things to think about before you take the plunge:

  • Heavy stippling can slow down establishing a grip, even when drawing from a rigid, strong-side holster.
  • Stippling may make your grip catch on finely woven materials such as sweat-wicking shirts. It could make your gun more likely to catch on clothing when you draw it from concealment.
  • You can mostly figure out these considerations by experimenting with skateboard tape.
  • If you shoot competitively, check your organization’s regulations about texturing. A non-factory texture in some places on the frame could force your firearm into a different division.


Looking for more ways to improve your gun control? Watch this video from Jerry Miculek, a world champion shooter, and learn the basic and advanced grip techniques that can make you a better shooter!

Becoming a better shooter is a whole lot more than just going to the shooting range and wasting boxes of ammo. One way to enhance your shooting and gun control is by improving your gun grip. You can add skateboard tape on your grip or have it stippled. It can make you hold the gun much better, especially if you have sweaty hands. If you increase your grip, that round has nowhere to go except where you want it to be. Happy shooting!

Do you know other ways to improve gun control? We would like to know about it. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below! 

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Featured Image Via Hannah Bird Estelle

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1 Comment

  1. PJ Pires

    August 22, 2017 at 5:36 PM

    Real good to know about these types of grip. Sadly here in Brazil normal people cannot have a gun. Unbelievable isnt?

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