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Video: How to Carve a Pumpkin with a .22



Why would someone want to carve a pumpkin with a .22? Well, it's really fun and a great way to practice your rifle shooting skills too!

Carve a Pumpkin with a .22 | Fun Precision Shooting

Every so often, we come across third party videos that are pretty cool and want to share them with our faithful Gun Carrier audience. Since Halloween is right around the corner, we think you'll like this next video of famous champion shooter Kirsten Joy Weiss carving a pumpkin with her .22! While we agree there may be a better technique for pumpkin carving, this is awesome and looks like a whole lot of fun. Plus, this can even be a more enjoyable group activity and can promote healthy competition amongst friends and fellow gun lovers!

Time to give it a shot!

Step 1: Ready the Pumpkin Targets

Ready the Pumpkin Targets | Video: How to Carve a Pumpkin with a .22
Put two to three pumpkins out at a distance you can challenge yourselves. If it's too windy, you might not want to place the pumpkins too far because that little .22 bullet likes to dance in the wind.

Step 2: Load the Magazine

Load the Magazine | Video: How to Carve a Pumpkin with a .22
Load your magazine and put your rifle on safety mode. This video uses a 10/22 rifle which has a slight variation in shot pattern compared to a bolt action. Generally, bolt action .22 rifles are more accurate, but the 10/22 rifle will do for this shooting game.


Step 3: Start Shooting

Start Shooting | Video: How to Carve a Pumpkin with a .22
Now you can start carving the pumpkin face with your bullets. Shoot to carve the eyes first then put the famous pumpkin smile afterward. These .22 bullets don't make a big hole, so you have to make your own shape by aiming a few centimeters apart. Isn't it a great precision shooting practice?


Watch the full video of this pumpkin carving shooting game here by Kirsten Joy Weiss:

It's obviously a shooting game not to be taken seriously, so carve your pumpkin face the way you want it. You can't really expect the carving to be perfect. A chunk may fly off with a single shot making one eye bigger than the other. The main goal is to enjoy this with family and friends or even on your own. One thing's for sure though, it's going to be one heck of a fun shooting activity with the group!

What do you think about this precision pumpkin carving with a .22? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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