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Top Glock Mods To Consider For Glock Owners



Feature | Glock handgun | Top Glock Mods To Consider For Glock Owners

For the most popular and customizable handgun in the market, we've sorted out the top Glock mods for you!

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Glock Mods and Upgrades for More Effective Shooting

Consider these Top Glock Mods and Upgrades

Due to the popularity of these handguns, Glock mods are not something new to avid gun folks.

Moreover, most semi-automatic pistols require the same upgrade if the goal is to increase the effectiveness of your shooting.

While you may have some bright ideas of your own, below are some DIY Glock mods to make sure you are getting the best gun experiences possible.

1. Sights: Reflex/Standard Big Dot


There is a lot of different quality red dot sights on the market, but this one gives the best experience.

A lot of shooters realize how hard it is to aim when their handshakes, but with this red dot optic, you don't have to worry if your rear and front sights are aligned.

You just need to know where the dot is, that is where it is going to hit. This is one of the best Glock upgrades you can purchase for your weapon.

2. Trigger


If you want one consistent pull without disrupting those front sights, this trigger upgrade is your best bet. The Apex tactical works in both Gen 3 and Gen 4 Glocks.

A smooth trigger pull makes one of the biggest differences, especially when making your next shot quicker.

3. Stippling the Grip


This simple modification for your Glock is useful and very affordable. Stippling can give the shooter a much more comfortable feel consequently improving their accuracy.

These types of Glock grip upgrades are getting more common not just to shooters who join competitions but also to the more serious tactical crowd.

If you are lucky, you might even find this option as one of the free Glock mods offered by your local gun store.

4. Barrel


It is undeniable that Glock factory barrels are some of the best you will find, not just for handguns but for any firearm. But there are certain circumstances that a shooter wants to change the barrel.

A threaded barrel gives the shooter the capability to attach compensators and suppressors quickly. Not only that, a stainless steel barrel can enhance accuracy.

You also use different barrels to convert your Glock into another caliber.

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5. Slide Serrations/New Glock Slides


Love them or hate them, slide serrations are one of the hottest Glock mods going. Enhancing the rear and adding aggressive front slide serrations are becoming the norm.

As it stands, the factory slide stop lever for Glocks can be a hassle to engage. This is especially true if you haven't broken in your pistol yet.

Sadly, this is a complaint often at the tips of Glock users' tongues. It can be quite hard to engage the lever with your thumbs, especially if they are on the small size.

Another issue is how hard it is to grip the lever underside when locking your slide back.

Thankfully, there are many cool Glock mods that can help out with this. Try springing for an extended slide stop lever, which is a standard for G34s and G35s.

How it works is it pops out two roll pins. and drops the new lever and replaces the stock pin. This makes the lever easier to engage, as well as improve your weapon handling.

You can also try this: How to Paint a Glock Slide.

6. Extended Magazine Release


If an extended Glock slide stop lever is not working out, mod in an extended magazine release. This is one of those issues that Glock themselves started recognizing when they rolled out the Gen 4.

Having an extended magazine release will ease weapon handling, as well as make sliding the magazine down a bit more easier.

7. Magazine Mods

An easy Glock mod would always be the magazine. Glock knows this and has specifically engineered its magazine base plates for extensions and ergonomic mods.

One mod to note is a base pad kit from Taran Tactical Innovations. It is more than an extended magazine that adds 5 more rounds.

This kit also adds a bit more weight that allows the magazine to slide down better.

A plate extension will work as well for your everyday carry. Adding one to a subcompact Glock magazine, like the Glock 26, gives your pinky a spot to hang on to so it does not slide to the bottom of the frame.

You do not need to worry about not knowing how to do DIY Glock mods. With a good set of precision screwdrivers, you can easily take out the factory base plate of your magazines.

Use those and a pair of pliers to squeeze out the base plate. You could also use your bare hands, but we can't have your shooting hand getting injured now, can we?

8. Rail Attachments

Your Glock's rails are there for a reason, so adding a few rail attachments to it can certainly increase its tactical worth, as well as the “tacticool” factor.

Most people would slap on a laser designators on their Glocks without a second thought, and that's fine.

However, laser designators are made for precision shooting while using the iron sights. It also exposes your position to your targets.

The best way to go, in our humble opinion, is to pick up a flashlight instead. If you took a red dot or reflex sight as an attachment to the top rail, you won't need a laser designator.

The reflex/red dot works well enough that you won't need another laser to point at your target for you. A flashlight works as it helps in low-light target acquisition, and can give you an edge in gunfights as you blind your targets with the light.


Watch this video on how to replace the rear sight with a red dot optics from Watch This:

Most of these Glock upgrades and modifications do not require a huge amount of cash. Simply focus on the upgrades most useful to you as a Glock owner.

That way, you will be able to utilize your pistol more effectively. Start with your gun's basic necessities and then decide if you think you are ready for the next level.

What can you say about these Glock modifications? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Top Glock Mods To Consider For Glock Owners |

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on September 5, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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  3. Iyanura Ivory-lindsey

    January 14, 2018 at 5:26 PM

    Great video. I have seen other mounts that were not as easy. This is a good item because it is not permanent. Thank you.

  4. John Alfred Killion

    October 1, 2017 at 8:31 AM

    The torquing is performed incorrectly. NEVER repeat or go past the first click of the torque driver. This action causes over torquing. That is if your serious about torquing properly.

  5. patricksperry

    September 12, 2017 at 4:50 AM

    I am seriously considering stopping having anything at all to do with Gun Carrier. Get rid of the damned hello bar, period.

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