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Top 3 Home Defense Shotguns Everyone Should Own




Newbie shooters might struggle to find the best home defense shotgun since the market offers a plethora of options. Fortunately, we're here to help. We've narrowed the top choices in terms of accuracy, reliability, price value, and ease of maintenance.

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3 Best Home Defense Shotgun Options Every Shooter Needs

1. Mossberg 930

Shotgun and hunting cartridges on wooden table | best home defense shotgun ammo

Mossberg has a century-old founding philosophy that every shooter should have access to their firearms. So to ensure availability and accessibility, they keep gun prices to a minimum.

The company has made a name for itself as a manufacturer of quality, affordable auto-loading shotguns. In fact, many shooters turn to Mossberg if they feel that the widely used Browning, Remington, Stoeger, and Benelli models cost too much.

You can choose from more than 20 different Mossberg 930 variations, namely the Tactical, Hunting, JM Pro-Series, and Pro-Series models. However, for this review, we will review the model's general specifications.


You can get a standard Mossberg 930 shotgun for just $500. Expect high-tier, fully loaded options equipped with extra features and add-ons to cost a bit more.


Shooters praise the Mossberg 930 for its silky smooth mechanism. The forearm glides smoothly from the muzzle down to the bottom of the barrel. You can tell the shotgun consists of high-grade parts.


The standard Mossberg 930 comes with a dual-gas vent system, which drastically reduces the weapon's recoil. This feature makes it easy to use the shotgun on long hunting trips or target practice sessions where you shoot the gun multiple times.


If you want an auto-loading shotgun on the budget, check out the Mossberg 930. Overall, it does justice to the Mossberg brand and serves as a testament to its mission to provide quality, affordable firearms. Apart from home defense, you can also use the Mossberg 930 on long hunting sessions.

2. Remington 870

Man shooting on an outdoor shooting range | best 20 gauge home defense shotgun

The iconic Remington 870 serves as a staple home defense shotgun to many shooters living in the countryside. It is an excellent, straightforward pump-action shotgun that gets the job done.

Shooters can choose from the standard Remington 870 and the Express or Wingmaster models. Although, the only notable differences between the Remington models include cosmetic variations, such as what materials their frames use.


Shooters can get a standard Remington 870 for under $500. If you want higher quality Wingmaster variations made of polished metal and walnut frames, you will have to shell out around $300 to $400 more.


Shooters hate nothing more than shotguns that break their shoulders every time they have to cock the forearm. Luckily, the Remington 870 uses high-grade parts that provide an overall smooth, crisp, silk-like mechanism. You'll see what we mean when you get a chance to pull the trigger or cock back the forearm.


When it comes to functionality, the Remington 870 sets itself apart from the rest through its versatile frame. Shooters have the luxury of customizing this rifle with all the upgrades and add-ons they want, from shell carriers to sight optics.

Having the freedom to customize your weapon might feel exciting, but make sure not to overdo it. Loading your home defense shotgun with too many extra features might reduce its usability and functionality.

Remember: most top home defense shotgun options have a simple, usable frame. Having sight-enhancing optics that allow you to aim at targets a few hundred feet away accurately might give you an edge on hunting trips, but they won't do much in fast-paced emergencies and crises.


The Remington 870 is an overall excellent pump-action shotgun ideal for combat and emergency applications. In fact, many law enforcement officers and military personnel use the Remington 870.

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3. Mossberg Shockwave

Home security 12 gauge short barrel semi- auto firearm | good home defense shotgun

Purchasing a short-barrel shotgun involves a tedious, time-consuming process filled with exorbitant taxes, multiple NFA paperwork, and a long waiting time for approval. If, like most shooters, you want to avoid going through all this hassle, try the Mossberg Shockwave.

This 12-gauge pump-action firearm closely resembles short-barrel shotguns. However, since they classify as firearms, shooters won't have to file any extra application papers or pay excess taxes to acquire them.

Shooters can choose from the three latest Shockwave variants that Mossberg released in 2019, namely the 590 Shockwave SPX,  590 Shick ‘N' Saw,  and 590 Nightstick.


Standard Mossberg Shockwave firearms come at an affordable $400. Meanwhile, the higher, fully loaded variants sell for around $600.


Unfortunately, traditional shotguns outperform the Mossberg Shockwave when it comes to the overall mechanism quality.

Pistol grips limit users to certain shooting conditions, and the firearm can only reach a maximum range of 50 yards. Although, those who primarily use this weapon for home defense won't find themselves in many instances where they have to shoot long-distance targets anyway.


The main advantage of the Mossberg Shockwave is it offers better maneuverability than shotgun alternatives, which would serve you well in various combat applications. Shooters can easily aim and shoot this firearm even in tight spaces.


If you're looking for a good home defense shotgun without actually buying a shotgun, then the Mossberg Shockwave might be up your alley. The firearm offers excellent functionality and maneuverability, which would benefit shooters in tight emergencies.

Although, if you want your home defense shotgun to double as a hunting weapon, look for alternatives. The Mossberg Shockwave's limited range and powerful recoil make it an inefficient hunting companion.

Check out this video by Mainstreet Guns and Range, where Caleb reviews his top three home defense shotguns:

The Mossberg 930 takes the number one spot on our list of recommendations, but that does not mean that every homeowner should buy this shotgun for protection. No two shooters are the same. When looking for the best home defense shotgun, bear in mind that shooters have varying needs and preferences.

Use this guide as a reference to identify which features suit you best. If possible, see if your shooting buddies have the same shotgun you want, then borrow them for a few rounds of target practice or a quick hunting session. After all, home defense shotgun reviews can only give you so many insights.

What do you think is the best home defense shotgun? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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