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1. Everyday Carry: What To Wear On A Daily Basis

Do the clothes you wear matter for your everyday carry? Well, you don’t have to be overly stylish, but at least look decent while having easy access to your firearm should the need arise… Click to read more

2. Visualization Techniques Will Make You A Better Shooter

Learn how to become a better and more responsible gun owner through visualization techniques and regulated breathing… Click to read more

3. The Best Way to Learn Your Home State’s Gun Laws: Part 1

Gun laws in the US tend to vary greatly from one state to another, so make sure you’re updated and aware of your rights and limitations… Click to read more

4. Gun Review | Bersa Thunder .380 Combat

Drawbacks/Bersa Thunder 380 Review
The Bersa Thunder .380 Combat is an excellent choice for new shooters and those of us on a budget, discover here why… Click to read more

5. Peoria Man Speaks Truth To Media About Defending Self, But Should Not Have

If ever there was a reason to keep your mouth shut, it would be after a defensive shooting. People, we cannot stress enough that if you’re involved in an incident where you feel it is necessary to use your firearm in self-defense, for freedom’s sake, don’t talk about it afterward… Click to read more

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