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5 Ways To Maximize Camouflage Concealment

Camouflage concealment goes beyond wearing patterns and dark colors. There are certain tricks that you can pull off to really become invisible, or in this case, unseen to the naked eye.



Camouflage concealment is one of nature's most astounding gifts to the apex predators. Predators like the Great White Shark and Bengal Tigers make use of camouflage concealment to stalk their prey effectively. A Great White Shark's back is colored the same way as the ocean surface, so you'll never know it was around till it's too late. A Bengal Tiger can hide in the brushes thanks to its stripes. But humans are not blessed with these gifts, so we're left to devise of means and methods to blend in with the environment.

A Short Guide On Maximizing Camouflage Concealment

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Camouflage concealment goes way beyond just wearing tiger stripes or digital camo for hunting. There are techniques that can help you maximize your stealth capabilities and your stalking prowess out on the field. A Bengal Tiger doesn't know it has stripes, but it knows well enough to hide in the brushes to stalk its prey. A Great White Shark will only make its presence known when it's ready to strike. So, as a hunter, how do you stay hidden? Even a bear knows how to use its environment and becomes invisible despite its size.

Avoid patterns and shapes

We've come from wearing patterned suits to wearing the actual environment. The human eyes are exceptionally adept at picking out patterns, colors, and shapes, but animal eyes don't. Irregular shapes and patterns are almost invisible to an animal's eyes. Hunting outfits, like a ghillie suit, can provide you with an irregular shape and is patterned almost similarly to bushes, tall grasses, and shrubbery.

Minimize your movement and noise

Minimize your movement and noise | 5 Ways To Maximize Camouflage Concealment

Let's face it. Hunting in the woods can be noisy. You'll never know when you'll be stepping on a twig or a bundle of dried leaves. While the noise may seem inconspicuous to us, it's already a cause for alarm for animals with sensitive hearing, like deer and birds. Understanding animal senses can greatly improve your camouflage concealment tactics.

Kill your scent

Scent killers are available in your local outdoor stores to hide your musk and should be in every deer hunter's arsenal. Some animals, like the deer, have exceptional sense of smell, so if you're branding your aftershave on a hunt, there's no doubt that the prey will disappear faster than you can even spot them.

Remove your shine

Your skin is susceptible to light reflection, or what hunters call “shine”. This is why hunters use face paint, masks, mud, charcoal, or boot polish over their skin, particularly their faces. Hunters will want to break up the face so other eyes on it will not recognize it. Your gun and scope will also need to be concealed, as metal objects will reflect light. This is why some hunters paint their rifles in matte colors. You can also wrap your weapons in dark cloth for night hunting.

The environment is your ally. Fit in.

The environment is your ally. Fit in. | 5 Ways To Maximize Camouflage Concealment

There's a time and place for everything, and this is applicable to hunting as well. Camouflage concealment requires you to fit in, so it's pointless to hunt in snowy terrain wearing botched desert camouflaged patterns. You'll stand out like weed on concrete. Camouflage suits are designed for specific purposes and seasons. Brushlands will require you to get suits with brown patterns. Marshlands or woodlands will require you to wear suits with black and green patterns. And of course, a snowy terrain requires you to wear white patterns.


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