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Long Range Shooting Tips For Beginners



Feature | Hunting Rifle | Long Range Shooting Tips For Beginners

These long range shooting tips will help you develop your accuracy in handling a rifle at long distance targets. Know what it takes to make the kill in every shot.

Long Range Shooting Tips | Sharp Shooting Skills


Long Range Precision Shooting

If you think targets at short distances no longer pose a challenge and you're preparing to increase the scale of your accuracy, these long range shooting tips will guide you through.

Snipers you see in movies make it look easy as aiming and pulling the trigger. However, the real ones take time, commitment, and discipline to get the skill set they need to get the job done.

Several things have to be considered before you take the shot, so take note of these long range shooting fundamentals like you've never held a gun before.


1. Get Into a Relaxed Position

Long Range Shooting | Long Range Shooting Tips For Beginners

Long Range Precision Shooting Class Photo by Recoilsports

Regardless of your shooting stance, the rifle should first be pointed directly to the target. Most long range shooters lie with their belly flat on the ground.

Assuming you're doing the same and you have to adjust your body, start by moving your legs until you get your desired position.

2. Establish a Solid Ground for the Firearm and Yourself

Long Range Sniper| Long Range Shooting Tips For Beginners

Long Range Interdiction (Sniping) Course with US Marine Corps Photo by Defense Review

A well-grounded body is a must to keep your aim on the target. Any slight movement can affect your aim, so make use of the ground to support your elbows as the rifle rests on your hands comfortably.

3. Reduce the Recoil by Firmly and Properly Holding the Rifle

Pistol Grip | Long Range Shooting Tips For Beginners

Four Ways To Keep An AR “Featureless” As Far As Grips Go Photo by Imarangemaster [Gunboards]

The gun's recoil has a big influence on the shooter's ability to take the next shot quicker. Hold the pistol grip firmly but not too tight. The bigger the caliber, the more you feel the recoil, so make sure your thumb is nicely curled around the grip.

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4. Excellent View of the Target Through the Scope

When using a scope, make sure to have the clearest view of the target before pulling the trigger. Scope problems caused by bad alignment of front and rear lenses produces a blurry vision of the target. This could more likely mess up the shot.

5. Gradually Increase Your Range in Practice

Rifle and Ammo | Long Range Shooting Tips For Beginners

When you can already shoot in short range with consistent accuracy, then you can increase the target distance. This allows you to clearly see the factors that influence precision shooting, like windage and elevation.

6. Wind and Gravity in Relation to Bullets

Long Range Rifle Shooting | Long Range Shooting Tips For Beginners

Accuracy 1st Scope Level Photo by Panhandle Precision

As the distance traveled by a bullet increases, the wind also becomes an increasing element to alter its course. At this point, you have to learn how to calculate wind speeds and work with ballistic data if you're serious about shooting long range.

7. Know the Difference between Long Distance Rifle Shooting and Real Hunting

Shooting at the range is way different than hunting game. A stationary target with no potential to move is easy for trained long-distance shooters. But if you're aiming for a target that can feel your presence, you have to give it a bit more respect.


Watch this video by Keith Warren about the fundamentals of marksmanship:

These tips serve as a guide to help you know more important things to consider in long range shooting. The actual shooting feels a lot more different though, but as they said, “practice makes perfect.”

Practice also counts as experience, so when you have more of it, there's no way your shooting skills will not improve.

What do you think of these tips for long range shooting? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on July 3, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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