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How to Improve Your Shooting Experience With a Muzzle Brake



muzzle brake

One of the most common questions that intermediate level gun enthusiasts have is how to improve the actual shooting experience. This is of particular concern to marksmen or hunters as in both of those arenas even the slightest alteration can make a big difference. Although they must still rely on their basic abilities, the majority find themselves eventually hunting for something that will boost their proficiency even further.

And who can blame them?

It’s only human nature that once we’ve accomplished something, we want to move on. We search for perfection, we yearn for improvement…bolstered by our new abilities we start to itch for something a little extra. If you’ve settled into a shooting hobby nicely and you’re confident in both your knowledge and abilities – isn’t it time to bring your skills to the next level?

Put a Muzzle on It!

The easiest and most effective way to boost your shooting experience is to invest in what the pros consider to be an indispensible muzzle accessory. Known as ‘flash comps’ these small metal additions to the tip of your gun can make the difference between 100% accuracy and something far less impressive.

A muzzle brake is placed at the end of the barrel and functions as a kind of diffuser for the multitude of gasses that explode when the trigger is pulled. It is these gasses that cause the barrel of the gun to fly upward while the natural recoil of the blast sends the shooter stumbling in the opposite direction. When a brake is applied to the muzzle, the multitude of holes throughout the device redirect the propellant gasses and diffuses the natural lift that occurs when the trigger is pulled. In other words, it compensates for the blast and keeps the firearm straight, balanced and ready for another shot.

Flash Suppressors and Muzzles- Better Together

A flash suppressor was originally developed for the military as a precaution against eye damage when soldiers fired at night. As a secondary benefit, it also helped to dampen the glare to make night shooters less obvious to the enemy.

When a gun is fired, a flame flashes from the barrel, which is typically 18 – 24 inches in length. When a flash suppressor is equipped, that blinding burst can be reduced to as little as 8 -6 inches. It works in much the same way as a muzzle brake in that the specific design quickly cools and disperses the gasses as they erupt from the barrel. Because they are so similar in design, muzzle brakes and flash suppressors are often combined to become what is known as ‘flash comps’.

What the Professionals Use…

If you’ve decided that a flash comp is what is missing from your shooting practice, there are a wide variety of designs to choose from. Chris Michel, resident gun expert of Dixie Gun Worx and experienced marksman has made a list of his must-have flash comps to help not only improve your accuracy and but your ability as well.

OSS – Bannar Muzzle Brake

It’s the beautifully complex swirl of holes in this brake that make it so very effective. When the gases are fired from the barrel, this brake creates a tight vortex that immediately compensates for any unwanted movement. It also includes a superior flash suppressor, which reduces the amount of flare to almost nothing, making it ideal for night practice or hunting.

Griffon Armaments – M4SD and AK flash comps

These are the ideal comps to utilize if you are the kind of gun enthusiast who enjoys ‘fully loading’ their fire arms with as many accessories as you desire. It’s tiny holes work perfectly to diffuse unnecessary movement and the three prongs on the end of the brake do an excellent job reducing flash. Although not the ‘fanciest’ flash comp available on the market, it makes up for its lack of glamour by being one of the most compatible pieces. You can easily add other sound suppressors or devices to it without sacrificing any of its effectiveness.

Yankee Hill Machines – Annihilator and Phantom flash comps

If you’re the kind of gun lover that thrills in the appearance of a well ‘tricked out’ weapon, you need look no farther than these particularly mean devices from Yankee Hill Machines. Both the annihilator and the phantom preform their compensation jobs perfectly, but that is hardly the selling point. It is the mean, sharp-pronged ends that make these ideal for anyone preparing for the eventual zombie apocalypse. Chris Michel himself describes these nasty pieces as ‘DNA checkers’ as even the slightest touch is almost guaranteed to draw blood. These threatening comps are both ideal for those wishing to ensure that their weapons are just as effective when in ‘compliant mode’.

Part of the fun of being a gun enthusiast is the ability to customize your weapons. After all, who can deny that there is a certain joy in having a completely personal, utterly tailored machine waiting for you to operate? You can alter and modify all you like – just be sure to utilize the knowledge and skills of a quality gun maker to help you along the way. As fun as they can be, guns are not toys and therefore, should not be tinkered with. Be sure you know what you’re doing and don’t be afraid to enlist the help of an expert whenever you can.

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