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Gun Carrier Review: Ruger Mark IV Pistol




The Ruger Mark IV popularized in the gun community as one of the most reliable, widely used pistols from the Mark series. Is it worth the hype? We give shooters an in-depth Ruger Mark IV review detailing the gun's accuracy, reliability, and functionality.

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Ruger Mark IV Review: Everything Shooters Need To Know

A Quick Intro

Ruger introduced the Ruger Mark IV in 2016. The gun quickly popularized, so they decided to phase out the previous Mark I, II, III models. Ruger soon replaced them with the standard Mark IV variants, including the Ruger Mark IV 22/45 lite, Ruger Mark IV target, and Ruger Mark IV 22/45 tactical.

The main differences between the variants come down to their designs. The 22/45 pistols have 106-degree grip angles and plastic polymer lower receivers, while the Tactical models have aluminum frames and 125-degree grip angles.

Other than these, the Mark IV pistols generally have the same features.


Hidden gun | ruger mark iv tactical

The Ruger Mark IV offers reliable pistols that shooters can depend on for various purposes, including self-defense, casual shooting, and beginner training. It does not take advanced shooting skills to utilize this weapon.

Shooters can expect to shoot a few hundred rounds without the firearm malfunctioning. And if the bullet jams in between shots, even total beginners clear the feed failure with ease.

Ergonomic Design

Detail view of left hand shooter shooting and holding gun | ruger mark iv lite

When it comes to functionality, the Ruger Mark IV line will not disappoint shooters. They offer a slim, easy-to-grab grip and close trigger placement that even someone with small hands can easily use.

The backstrap also has a great, sturdy frame, which does a great job reducing absorbing recoil. Teens can safely use these without hurting themselves.

Perhaps the only downside is that the Ruger Mark IV weighs 35.6 ounces, so newbies might struggle using it for concealed carry applications. The same issue applies to those who want to carry the Mark IV while camping or hiking.

Although, a good belt and holster should quickly resolve the issue.


target and bullets at shooting range | ruger mark iv 22/45

The Ruger Mark IV provides decent accuracy. It does not classify as a precise, card-splitting pistol, but it allows shooters to hit their targets without needing too many adjustments. A beginner could easily hit a soda can from a 25-foot mark.

However, the Mark IV does outperform other .22LR pistols in its class. Compared to its alternatives, the Ruger Mark IV has above-average accuracy and can deliver consistent shots for a few hundred rounds.

Although, we wouldn't go as far as to recommend these pistols for competitions. The Mark IV best suits emergency self-defense applications or casual shooting sessions with fellow plinkers.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Pistol stripping and cleaning tools | ruger mark iv hunter

Anyone who has ever used a Ruger Mark series pistol knows the struggle of field-stripping these pistols. Assembling and reassembling the Mark I, II, and III models for routine cleaning and maintenance purposes would already require one to have decent experience in field-stripping firearms.

Most shooters do not have professional field-stripping skills. As a result, those who attempted and failed to assemble their Mark series pistols would end up making a trip to their local gun shop with a brown bag full of disassembled gun parts.

Luckily, Ruger addressed this issue by adding the single push-button takedown. This switch allows shooters to easily slide out the bolt and clean the pistol from the chamber instead of the muzzle.

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Ease of Use

Gun instructor teaching young kid how to shoot from firearm at shooting range | ruger mark iv target

The Ruger Mark IV has good trigger placement, slender grips, excellent backstraps, and new push-button takedowns. Shooters of all levels can wield and maintain this weapon.

Seasoned shooters report that they use the Mark Ruger IV as a training weapon when teaching their wives or kids how to fire a gun for the first time. It's a fun, casual recreational weapon to own.


Parts of pistol Hand guns assembly on white background | ruger mark iv 22/45 lite

Shooters who like to modify their weapons would appreciate the Ruger Mark IV for its customizability. These pistols have plenty of room for modification. You can replace everything from the gun's overall frame down to its trigger.

However, we suggest consulting with a skilled gunsmith beforehand. Ruger spent millions of dollars hiring professionals to engineer an ergonomic, practical, and functional gun. Bombarding it with unnecessary modifications might hamper its overall performance.


Man with owner choosing handgun in gun shop | ruger mark iv for sale

Most gun shops offer the Ruger Mark IV line for $450 to $500. It's not the cheapest on the market, but shooters would be hard-pressed to find a .22LR in the same price range that offers the same quality and function.

Pro Tip: Shooters who want an inexpensive concealed-carry weapon to carry around can check out our top picks when it comes to standard, reliable self-defense handguns under $300.

Overall Verdict

Pistol on the table or Ruger Mark IV | ruger mark iv

Should you get a Ruger Mark IV pistol? If you need a dynamic, world-class weapon for concealed carry applications or competitive shooting, you might want to check out your other options.

However, shooters who want a simple recreational handgun to use for emergencies and casual shooting sessions should definitely explore the Ruger Mark IV line.

These pistols have an ergonomic design that offers excellent usability, the new single push-button takedown makes cleaning a breeze, and the weapon provides good overall value for its price. Beginners and plinkers can consider investing in this $500 weapon.

Check out this in-depth Ruger Mark IV review by 22plinkster and see how it shoots in real life:

The Ruger Mark IV line consists of reliable, accurate, and ergonomic .22LR pistols suitable for shooters from all walks of life. Whether you need a self-defense firearm for emergencies or want a fun recreational handgun to shoot on the weekends, you'll find a Mark IV pistol that matches your needs.

If you still have doubts about the Mark IV, check it out in real life. Visit your favorite gun shop or borrow one from your buddies. You can read and watch all the Ruger Mark IV review guides online, but we doubt that you'll reach a final decision unless you try the gun out yourself.

What other pistols you want us to review? Let us know in the comments section below!

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