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GUN RIGHTS: Gun Owner Stops Bank Robber in His Tracks



Score one for the good guys.

A recent attempted bank robbery in Warren, Michigan was put to a stop by a 63-year-old autoworker with a concealed carry license.

The suspect, whose name was not released, was rushed by firefighters to St. John Hospital & Medical Center. He was reported to be in serious condition, but the injuries do not appear to be life-threatening.

Gun Rights Exercised By This Civilian

Mayor Jim Fouts said the gunman pointed his weapon at the 63-year-old, who was simply defending himself.

“It's his Second Amendment right,” Fouts said.

“I'm glad to see that more people are carrying guns,” witness Gary Guyette told Fox 2. “And the bad guys think twice before they do something bad – and take care of business.”

It is unlikely the 63-year-old will face charges for the shooting, according to police.

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This story is a perfect example of the importance of gun rights. If gun control laws were passed and implemented, we may see more crimes take place right before our very eyes. We would not be able to do anything about it since our hands are tied.

While others would say that crimes will be deterred from gun control, it cannot be denied that gun ownership can also deter crime. Based on the story, an attempted robbery was thwarted because an armed civilian courageous enough to face the criminal. And the good guy succeeded.

It may be off-topic but the advantages of gun ownership go far beyond fighting off or taking down a robber. Take self-defense for instance, an issue that should never be taken for granted. What would you do if you had an armed attacker and you did not know the first thing about martial arts? Having a firearm would definitely give you an opportunity to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Gun control would oppose our gun rights. With the right attitude and training, having a gun can in fact be a good thing for everyone. No matter how polarizing gun control can be, it becomes immaterial when you are caught in a tight spot.

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