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Firearm Instructor Certification Training Course Part 1 of 4 (HANDGUN DRILLS)



Firearms Instructor Training Course

Firearms Instructor Training Course

The secret to making over $10,000 a month is staring right at you, just behind (the right end) of your gun. Have you ever considered becoming a certified firearms instructor? Would you like a new career path that lets you do what you love, train others to effectively defend and protect themselves, and which also can be incredibly rewarding financially? and The American Gun Association want to bring you the best in firearm instructor certification training. We’ve teamed up with former CIA officer Jason Hanson and AGA to teach you everything you need to know about becoming an instructor, from where and how to operate, to shooting lessons and techniques, to all of the necessary legal hurdles you have to jump through to make this dream a reality.

All shot on location at Hanson’s fully operational training facility in Utah, this incredible free course offers all the tools to become your own boss in the firearms instructor industry. And if you want to take it a step further and get FULLY CERTIFIED by AGA (complete with in-depth study materials, quizzes, future discounts, and many other killer benefits), go NOW to their complete course sign-up form to take advantage of early-bird, a 100% certified badass, pricing.

We feel it is our duty here at GC to give our readers the tools they need to safely and effectively work with firearms in any capacity. So get started on this incredible course below, which we will be rolling out in four parts packed with loads of invaluable information you can’t find anywhere else.

Lesson 1 in this multi-part series, with an emphasis on handgun drills, begins right now:

Part 1 – Handgun Drills

1.1 Getting Started



Lesson 1 – Range Advice

The most basic thing that you need if you want to become an instructor is to have a place where you can meet and teach your students. In this video, Jason gives advice how to find a place you can use to teach if you don’t have one. Also includes: In This Video:

  • Requirements
  • What the shooting range will provide
  • Lunch for your students
  • Student:Instructor Ratio
  • Range Safety Officers

Lesson 1.2 – Safety and Travel

The first thing you want to teach your students is not the kind of guns that will work perfectly with them but the 4 Firearms Safety Rule. In this video, Jason shows how to perfectly execute the safety rules and gives tips on travelling with firearms.

In This Video:

  • Firearm Safety Rules
  • Flying with Guns
  • Where to put your firearms when traveling
  • State Laws
  • Traveling by Car


Lesson 1.3 – Grip, Stance, and Trigger Control

Watch and listen carefully as Jason Hanson teaches secrets that are not taught in other firearms instructor business. This video is where it separates a good instructor from an instructor who doesn’t have any idea on what they ’re doing.

In This Video:

  • Modified Isosceles Stance
  • Proper Grip and support hand
  • The importance of the angle of your finger


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1.4 Live Fire Handgun Drills

Lesson 1.4 – Live Fire Handgun Drills Part 1

After briefing your students with the firearms safety rules, travel safety tips and the grip, stance and trigger control, get them into this drill. Jason shows how you can effectively teach the first drill to your students and what you need to watch out while they’re at it.

In This Video:

  • 1-2-3 Drill
  • Weaver Stance
  • The importance of Eyes-Closed Drill
  • Emergency and Tactical Reloads


Lesson 1.5 – Live Fire Handgun Drills Part 2

After briefing your students with the firearms safety rules, travel safety tips and the grip, stance and trigger control, get them into this drill. Jason shows how you can effectively teach the first drill to your students and what you need to watch out while they’re at it.


  • Failure Fire
  • Failure to extract or Stovepipe
  • Double Feed
  • FBI Drill
  • SEB Target
    • Top and Bottom Drill
    • One Handed Shooting


Lesson 1.6 – Live Fire Handgun Drills Part 3

As the instructor, it’s important for you to gauge the focus and thinking ability of your students. In this video, Jason proceeds with different kind of drills that will enable you to gauge your students using the SEB and Hostage Targets.

In this Video:

  • Numbers Drill
  • Shapes Drill
  • Math Drill
  • Spray Paint Drill
  • Balloon Drill
  • Slow and Fast Fire Drill
  • Mozambique Drill Advanced
  • Mozambique Drill


Lesson 1.7 – Live Fire Handgun Drills Part 4

After learning the drills, the next important step to learn are the shooting positions because you never know where you’re going to end up in life in the event of a pistol situation. Jason recommends to practice positions doing dry fire first to make sure that his students know what they’re doing.

In this video:

  • Kneeling
  • Lying on Your Back
  • Prone Position 1 and 2
  • Surrender Position
  • Surrender Position with lateral movements
  • Gauge your class with Forward and Rearward Movement



Lesson 1.8 – Handgun Drills Qualificaiton

There is a 60-round final qualification course using a B27 target. In this video, Jason will show you along with the outline he provided, how to score your students when they run through the qualification


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