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Everything Guns with Amy Jane – Original Gun Carrier Series


Welcome to Everything Guns!!! Here at, we wanted to create an original series that would be exactly what its name suggests: A show that is EVERYTHING GUNS. Your host, Amy Jane, is a sponsored shooter who recently won the National Two Gun Championship. Her world revolves around guns and the gun community. Every episode brings the viewer into that community, showing and giving you the latest tips & tricks, as well as insider info on everything from the best phone apps for gun enthusiasts to how clean your gun like a pro.

Want to be featured on the show or have an idea for a segment? Email us at [email protected]!

Amy Jane competes as a sponsored competitive shooter in rifle, pistol, two gun and three gun competitions.  She’s also a firearms instructor that trains beginners, fellow competitors, sheriffs, and celebrities.  You can see why she’s a perfect host for EVERYTHING GUNS.

Come back regularly for original coverage of the latest gun mods, shooting techniques, insider deals, and so much more.

Episode 1: Three (3) Pocket 9mm Reviews

In our debut episode, Amy Jane compares three pocket 9mm handguns: The M&P Shield, Khar Arms PM9, and the Glock 43. She compares them side by side, and then takes 'em to the range to shoot and really see the differences. 

Episode 2: ‘American Sniper' Gun

Meet the American Sniper rifles! Amy’s at Independent Studio Services to go behind the scenes and  introduce you to the rifles used in the movie ‘American Sniper.'  There’s a lot that goes into these Props… wait are they props? Aren’t they real?  Also, check out our bonus segment on great guns app picks to throw on your phone.

Episode 3: Rules for USPSA Competition Shooting

There are do’s and do nots when getting involved in USPSA competition shooting. In this episode, Amy Jane tells you what you need to know when getting started in competition shooting.

Episode 4: Glock Handguns Cleaned

Glock Handguns need to be cleaned, and you can do it.  Filming step by step, we show you how to clean a glock handgun from start to finish. Skipping no steps.

Episode 5: Build Your Assault Rifle for Competitions

There’s reasons why people custom build their guns. Especially when competing.  Amy Jane walks you through her AR mods, and lets you decide if you want what she has.

Episode 6: Long Distance Rifle Shooting – Pushing1255 Yards

Amy Jane heads to the desert with a couple of friends, and a rifle, to attempt hitting a target from 1255 yards away. Can She? Can you?

Episode 7: How to Clean an AR Assault Rifle

If you own an AR Assault Rifle, you need to see this. Step by step, how to properly clean your AR.

Episode 8: Best Phone Apps for Gun Owners

If you own a gun, then you probably use gun apps on your smartphone. Which ones are the best? Most expensive? Free? Amy Jane will fill you in, on Everything Guns.

Episode 9: Real Guns from the Movies

Amy Jane is taking you back into ISS, one of the biggest Hollywood prop stores to see guns used in the movies. Real guns from Rambo, The Expendables, Fast & Furious, Django, The Punisher, Jack Bauer's gun from 24, and more!



  1. John Russell

    November 26, 2016 at 4:38 AM

    While I enjoy the content you present, as well as how you present it, I would ask that you move away form using the term “Assault Rifle” when referring to the AR platform. We don’t need to help the “gun grabbers” by using this terminology for a sporting rifle.

    Thanks for all you do.

    • Joshua Gillem

      November 28, 2016 at 9:40 AM

      John, thanks for the comment. We had a rough start before I came on board, but I run the content now, and don’t use terms like “assault rifle.” Again, thanks for the comment and for the kind words regarding our content. If you ever have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I try to read all of the comments.

  2. Tom Dullanty

    June 14, 2016 at 11:59 PM

    Thanks for doing what your doing. Your content is great.
    I really like how you present the infirmation.

    Keep it up

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