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CZ Sharp-Tail | Gun Carrier Shotgun Reviews



Feature | Soldier holding rifle | CZ Sharp-Tail | Gun Carrier Shotgun Reviews

The CZ Sharp-Tail is one of the smoothest sporting clay shotguns in the market. Know why this firearm fits any type of shooter.

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  1. CZ Sharp-Tail Sporting Clay Shotgun
  2. Gun Info
  3. Gun Specs
  4. Ease of Use and Performance
  5. Pros and Cons
  6. Overall Verdict and Price

The Classy CZ Sharp-Tail Side-by-Side Shotgun


CZ Sharp-Tail: The CZ Sharp-Tail is a side-by-side break action modern coach shotgun manufactured by Huglu Cooperative in Turkey.

CZ Sharp-Tail Sporting Clay Shotgun

CZ Sharp-Tail Rifle | CZ Sharp-Tail | Gun Carrier Shotgun Reviews

CZ Sharp-Tail Photo by CZ – USA

Elegant, classy, and affordable, the CZ Sharp-Tail could be the side-by-side shotgun for your everyday shooting pleasures. The CZ side-by-side shotgun is one of the sharpest shotguns in the market.

This beauty has black chrome contrasts perfectly complemented by a walnut stock and fore-end. The lightness of the gun is enough to point quickly at the target.

Its handling characteristics fit just right to any shooter using it. Scroll down to know more about CZ Sharp Tail coach gun.


Gun Info

This beauty features a selectable mechanical trigger, coil spring hammers, case-hardened receiver, walnut stock made in Turkey, and some floating firing pins. The classy double shotgun is within your reach due to its very affordable price, with quality and performance that will certainly please you.

The CZ Sharp-Tail is produced by the CZ, or Ceska Zbrojovka a.s. Uhersky Brod, and has now built a branch in the U.S.

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Gun Specs

CZ Sharp-Tail | CZ Sharp-Tail | Gun Carrier Shotgun Reviews

CZ Sharp-Tail Photo by Czusafirearms [Youtube]

The CZ Sharp-Tail was originally designed for sporting clays and has a variety of gauges for you to choose from. This shotgun includes five flush CZ sharp tail choke tubes along with the polymer case that will suit your shooting action very well.

  • Gauge: 12, 20, 28, and .410
  • Max shell length: 3”
  • Safety: Manual
  • Barrel length: 28”
  • Chokes: 5 Flush Interchangeable; 410” bore is Fixed IC/MOD
  • Length of pull: 5”
  • Style of fore-end: Semi-Beavertail
  • Finish (Receiver): Color-Case Hardened
  • Finish (Barrel): Black Hard Chrome
  • Overall Length: 75”
  • Weight: 5.9-7.3 lbs (depending on the gauge)
  • Comb: 5”
  • Heel: 25”
  • Trigger Mechanism: Single Selectable


Ease of Use and Performance

Hunter holding gun looking for target | CZ Sharp-Tail | Gun Carrier Shotgun Reviews

CZ Sharp-Tail Photo by Czusafirearms [Youtube]

The sharpness of the Sharp-Tail helps you make quick moves in shooting your target. It is made for sporting clays and hunting. It is lightweight, making it easier for you to point easily at your target, yet heavy enough to swing well.

Overall, it is much smaller but definitely retains precision performance.


Pros and Cons

CZ Sharp-Tail | CZ Sharp-Tail | Gun Carrier Shotgun Reviews

CZ Sharp-Tail Photo by Czusafirearms [Youtube]


  • Varieties – You have options in choosing the gauge length to purchase and flush choke tubes to partner along with it.
  • Sharp – Its overall features unite with each other, offering you sharp shooting actions that will bring your target down in an instant.
  • Size – Its small size will not hinder nor add trouble to the user during hunting or in shotgun competitions.


  • Single-Selectable trigger – It is much slower than shooting with double triggers because you have to deal with the recoil and barrel flip of the first barrel before you can shoot again, giving time for your target to get away in a few seconds.


Overall Verdict and Price

CZ Sharp-Tail in the woods | CZ Sharp-Tail | Gun Carrier Shotgun Reviews

CZ Sharp-Tail Photo by Czusafirearms [Youtube]

The price ranges from $1,000 to $1,300 (depending on the store and model). For a very reasonable price, this buddy has excellent features and great performance.

This side-by-side firearm from CZ shotguns is something you would want to own, especially if you're into sporting clay.


Take a look at the CZ Sharp-Tail in the video below by czusafirearms:

Side-by-side shotgun manufacturers made something worth having with this firearm. The CZ Sharp-Tail is your go-to shotgun in your trap shooting, bird hunting, and sporting clay. It will surely satisfy your shooting pleasures and you might find it hard not to consider it. I'll probably get one for myself in the near future.

Do you own a CZ Sharp-Tail? What features do you like best about this shotgun? We'd love to know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on March 28, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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