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[PODCAST] Thermal, Infrared & Night Vision: Accufire Technology



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Thermal, Infrared & Night Vision: Accufire Technology

Reach For The Sky Lead Heads! On this episode of the Talking Lead Podcast, we get our “night vision” talk on with Accufire Technology. Brandon Sission, co-owner of Accufire Technology and Professional Stuntman, joins Lefty to introduce the Lead Head Brigade to this innovative optics company based out of Texas. Entering the optics game a little over 3 years ago with their infrared scope the Noctis V1, Accufire has released 6 more offerings in their short existence. One of the most anticipated of those offerings is the Incendis Thermal. The Incendis can operate as a standalone optic, handheld tracker, and forward-mounted. Lefty and Brandon talk more about the Incendis Thermal optic, their infrared optics, and their new Prospectis line of rifle scopes. The guys take care of some Jackwagons, honor some Lead Head Brigade Heroes, bust a Myth and Brandon gets the “New Guy” line of questions from Lefty (Spoiler! Brandon is a movie star).

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