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A Poem For 9/11: May We Never Forget



9/11 poem

The planes took off,

But would never return.

Some terrorist people,

Wanted America to burn.


They hate us for our freedom,

But United We Stand.

These grotesque people,

Had stained our proud land.


Many people had died,

But never truly lost.

Those hideous people,

Performed their own holocaust.


Such a huge loss of life,

But you'll never be forgotten.

And those terrible people,

Their ways are all rotten.


Nine Eleven was ugly,

But heroes came through.

And those horrible people,

With promised virgins they'll never rendezvous.


We're sorry you died,

But you live on in our hearts.

And those heinous people,

Were shipped to hell, in a cart.


 ~ Joshua Gillem

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