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The 5 Essential Skills For Concealed Carry



What exactly comes into your mind when talking about concealed carry? Let's talk about the skills you need to develop other than your skill with the gun.

Concealed Carry | What it Really Takes to be a Gun Carrier

Considering getting a license? You may already have a license for a while and want to start carrying your gun outside your home. There’s so much emphasis on the gun for a lot of new carriers. Aside from a suitable firearm, concealed carry is also about having proper the knowledge and discipline as a gun carrier. Here are the things you need to keep in mind before you start carrying your gun around.


1. Safety

It’s not enough to know the rules of firearm safety. You must use them consistently. Keeping your finger off the trigger until the sights are on target and you’re ready to shoot is the “rubber meets the road” rule for any moment the gun is out of the holster. If you startle or trip, your finger will react along with the rest of your body. Don’t let that create embarrassment or tragedy.

2. Know your firearm and be able to use it correctly.

No one expects you to be a crack shot who can operate any platform without assistance. But it is necessary to know your own handgun well, how to fire accurately, how to perform reloads and malfunction clearances, how to maintain it, and what ammunition works well in your individual gun.

3. Adopt a proper mindset.

Adopt a proper mindset | Essential Skills For Concealed Carry | Skills For Concealed Carry
The gun gives no one special privileges or legal powers. In fact, being armed is an obligation to be polite, to be humble enough to walk away from an avoidable fight even if you’re right. You have to be nice unless your life is in immediate and inescapable danger.

That “unless” is the only exception. As important as it is to be nice, understand that the sight of a gun don't intimidate criminals. You must be prepared and willing to press the trigger on another human being if doing so is necessary to escape with your life or to save the life of another innocent person.

4. Know the law of your land.

Some gun laws, like the ban on carrying in federal buildings, are consistent wherever you roam. Many others vary from state to state; city to city. It’s the gun carrier’s job to know where it’s legal or not legal to carry, and how. A great traveler’s resource is

5. Know the parameters for use of deadly force

It’s not enough to say “I was in fear for my life” after a defensive gun use. You must be ale to articulate why the assailant had the ability and opportunity to gravely harm you or someone else. As for your own defensive use of a firearm, you must be able to explain why your actions were reasonable and necessary to survive the situation.


Watch this video by Peter Charles about how Officer Stacey Lim earned a medal of valor:

Practicing these essentials determine an individual's maturity as a gun owner. Be honest with yourself in your evaluation of each of these factors. There is no perfect marksman! We can all improve in some way so why not start by focusing on the important things you need to know and exercise as a person who carries a gun.

What can you say about these essential skills for concealed carry? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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