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5 Best Lever Action Rifles You Can Use For Survival And Hunting



Thinking of getting a survival or hunting weapon? This list of lever action rifles can help you narrow down your choices.

5 Lever Action Rifles to Choose From

1. Winchester Model 1894

A favorite of many deer hunters for its speed and power, the Winchester Model 1984 is arguably one of the most popular hunting rifles in history. Groundbreaking from the day it was released, it continues to be a timeless weapon with its .30-30 feature that makes it easier to carry and hunt with.

Naturally, this banging weapon comes with a pretty hefty price tag at around $1850. But you can rest assured that when it comes to safety and locking in a good game, this is a reliable rifle to help you out.

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Fast facts about this lever action rifle:

  • Weight: 6.75 lb.
  • Length: 38″
  • Barrel Length: 20″
  • Action: Lever Action
  • Capacity: 7+1 rounds

2. Browning BLR Lever Action Rifle

Browning claims the superiority of the Browning BLR among lever action rifles. It states that it makes no compromise with ease of use versus power and accuracy.

As proof, they highlight the detachable box magazine that allows it to fire powerful magnum cartridges and its aircraft grade alloy receiver. This allows the weapon to be the lightweight lever action rifle it is known for.

Such features position the Browning BLR a pretty good contender to the Winchester Model 1984, especially at the mention of its firepower with minimal noise and recoil that makes for a great hunting weapon. Its price point is not too far off from it too, with it retailing at around $1229.99.

Fast facts about this lever action rifle:

  • Weight: 6.8 lb.
  • Length: 40″
  • Barrel Length: 20″
  • Action: Lever Action
  • Capacity: 4 rounds

3.  Henry .45-70 Lever Action


We’re not going to beat around the bush — the Henry .45-70 lever action rifle is also a little costly with its price averaging from $750 – $1000. But you can trust that this 7 lb rifle is worth the buck. Its high-quality look and feel down to its superb performance will certainly not disappoint.

If you intend to use this lever action rifle for hunting, you will absolutely find useful the customizable optics and rail mounts on this monster of a gun.

To top it off, the smooth lever action and recoil will certainly help you up your game, leaving you with more successful hunts than you can imagine.

Fast facts about this lever action rifle:

  • Weight: 7.08 lb.
  • Length: 37.5″
  • Barrel Length: 18.43″
  • Action: Lever Action
  • Capacity: 4 rounds

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4. Marlin Dark Model 336

Fresh off the market, another lever action rifle worth looking into is the Marlin Dark Model 336. It comes with a sleek and modern look and feels backed by the good quality the Marlin brand is known for.

Compared to the previous lever action rifles, this one is on the cost-friendlier side with it retailing around $799.97.

You can even upgrade this rifle depending on your preference. A good example is how some hunters update the ghost ring it comes with for more precision.

Fast facts about this lever action rifle:

  • Weight: 7.65 lb.
  • Length: 34.5″
  • Barrel Length: 16.25″
  • Action: Lever Action
  • Capacity: 5 rounds

5. Rossi Model 92

Priced at around $650, the Rossi Model 92 stands as the most lightweight and most affordable among all the lever action rifles on this list.

Hunters love it for its no-nonsense look and functionality, making it the go-to for those who want a no-fuss weapon to take when hunting.

Just a note: if the length of the pull is something that concerns you, you might want to look at the other mentioned lever action rifles since this only has about 12.75 inches in total.

If it’s not such a huge deal, then this rifle is perfect. This is especially if you are looking for a simple yet reliable lever action rifle for hunting and survival purposes.

Fast facts about this lever action rifle:

  • Weight: 4.8 lb.
  • Length: 33.25″
  • Barrel Length: 20″
  • Action: Lever Action
  • Capacity: 8+1 rounds

Finding the best lever action rifle to suit your needs may be a decision that could take a while for you to make. But that is well and good, because it just goes to show how much you want to ensure that you are getting the most for the investment that you are making.

The ‘best,’ after all, depends on the person looking. Just know what your priorities are and we’re sure that you’ll be able to find the perfect lever action rifle for your hunting and survival needs.

Already got a specific lever action rifle you’re eyeing on? Let us know in the comment section below!


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  1. Eric V

    March 25, 2021 at 10:57 AM

    Marlin is the Superior Rifle!!! More Styles more Calibers… 375WIN is one of my favorites!!..

  2. Dave Reid

    March 3, 2021 at 4:41 PM

    What happened to the Marlin 336C ??

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