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Bullseye! The Ultimate Steel Target Solution | Competition Target Systems



Better design, superior quality and exceptional value is how CTS Targets provides their shooters with the ultimate steel target solution products on the shooting range.

– This was originally posted on Survival Life and has been shared with permission –

Made from high quality AR500 steel, CTS Targets provides a simple and innovative design that allows their portable targets to last longer. CTS Targets is a division of Teske Manufacturing, which is one of the leaders in trailer manufacturing bringing together over 30 years of experience in the steel industry.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Bullseye! The Ultimate Steel Target Solution | Competition Target Systems

Competition Target Systems, CTS Targets, has revolutionized the steel target shooting experience by providing more stability and balance to the plate stands, bases and hanger hardware. As opposed to traditional steel target bases which have legs and can become unbalanced in rough terrain, CTS Targets provides a spike base which sits the base several inches deep in the ground. The stands include an easy-grip tightening knob that creates additional stability when mounting plates atop various 2×4 heights. The hanger hardware consists of a grade eight bolt and spring that tightens the plate to sit at a downward angle preventing ricochets and increasing the audible “ping” shooters love to hear.

Plate and Paper Stands and Bases

CTS Targets provides a variety of options for the shooter when it comes to shooting paper targets or steel targets. From the 18 inch paper target stand, which can display many different types of paper targets to the steel plates themselves which come in many different sizes including a silhouette of a torso size. CTS Targets provides some of the most reliable and stable target stands available.

One of my favorite paper targets brands is this one created by shooters for fellow shooters. Buy your set here!

2×4 Spike Base and Pro Hanger

The 2×4 spike base by CTS Targets provides firm deep ground penetration via a T shaped spike. All that is needed is a 2×4 of any preferred height. Using a rubber mallet pound the 2×4 spike base until it is firm. Slide the 2×4 wood into the spike base, then mount the plate to the pro hanger. The CTS pro hanger comes complete with the spring and bolt to securely mount whichever plate offered by CTS Targets.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Bullseye! The Ultimate Steel Target Solution | Competition Target Systems

18” Target Stand

The 18” target stand by CTS Targets provides great stability. The alternative paper targets have roughly a six inch spike that sits firmly in the ground via a rubber mallet. This 18” target stand also has an easy carry handle for removing the target stand with ease. The 18” target stand holds two 1x2s at any preferred height and is tightened by easy-grip fasteners located at the base. Once set up, the 18” target stand can hold a variety of paper targets. All that is needed is a staple gun to place the targets securely.

Steel Plate Varieties

A wide variety of steel plates are available from CTS Targets with some of the most popular being the round targets which come in 8”, 12” and 16” in either ½” thickness or 3/8” thickness. Square steel targets are also available in 6” x 6” at ½” thick as well as silhouette steel targets which closely resemble the torso of an attacker. A mini and a full size steel silhouette target are available through CTS Targets’ online store. These steel plates are all laser cut and are extremely durable, lasting thousands of rounds.

See a variety of stands and plates unboxed for your steel target solution from CTS Targets here:

Setting Up CTS Targets

Setting up your CTS Targets is extremely easy and only takes a few minutes. Depending on what stand and base purchased will also determine what kind of materials you will need. For example, 2x4s and 1x2s will need to be purchased for the paper target stand and for the 2×4 base when CTS Targets are ordered. As well as if shooting paper targets, you will need to supply your own. Have a rubber mallet on hand for pounding the spiked bases into the ground and a staple gun for securing paper targets. The height of the 1x2s and the 2x4s will be a matter of preference for each individual shooter.

Once all the materials and products are on the range simply set up the targets and fasten the tightening knobs to secure the 1x2s and the 2x4s into place. Mount the plates or the paper targets and you are ready to shoot.

See a quick video on properly setting up your CTS Targets here:

Training for Accuracy and Speed

CTS Targets can take a serious beating. This makes CTS Targets ideal for extensive training where multiple rounds are put down range from both rifles and pistols. Weapon transition drills; three gun and even long distance shooting are all possible with products from CTS Targets. Shooters who are training for accuracy and speed can rely on CTS Targets because their targets last longer. Unlike many other steel targets CTS Targets provides a spring and bolt in order to secure the plate. It is also at a slight downward angle. This protects the shooter from ricochet and minimizes movement such as a swaying target. The plates’ being tightened in place allows the shooter to fire their weapon faster increasing both their accuracy and speed downrange.

If training to increase your accuracy and speed for self defense, tactical response or for even hunting specific game then CTS Targets are the perfect steel target solution. CTS Targets has perfected their products to be used for competitive shooters. This makes CTS Targets some of the best on the market. Boost your confidence on the range with the satisfaction of hearing every “ping” for every round connected with the target.

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