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Most Unconventional Guns Ever Invented



Feature | Most Unconventional Guns Ever Invented

How many unconventional guns have you come across as a gun owner? Some firearms can be really unusual that even hardcore gun enthusiasts wouldn't believe they actually exist!

Unconventional Guns | Guns You Didn't Know Existed


Guns You May Not Have Seen Before

Most people are familiar with the usual revolvers and semi-automatic pistols and how these guns operate. These types of guns are very common; everyone's using them from law enforcement to personal and home defense. On the other hand, there are also firearms you may not have seen before — guns that look really odd and out of the ordinary even to a lot of firearm experts. Whatever the reason people make these things, they sure are amusing.

1. Duck's Foot Gun

The name given to this pistol clearly shows in its shape and form. It has four individual barrels with a similar arrangement to the foot of a duck. Firing this gun hits more than one target at a time. But if you consider shooting four bullets in one trigger pull, the recoil can be overwhelming to the shooter.

2. Key Gun

Jail guards first used these guns in the 16th century to protect themselves from aggressive inmates when opening a cell door. Key guns are the perfect disguise for a weapon. It's both functional as a key, as well as a pistol.

3. Lemat Revolver

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The Lemat Revolver is actually two guns in one. The main barrel at the top fires 42 caliber pistol rounds, while the barrel right below it holds a load of buckshot. The cylinder has a nine-shot capacity and under-barrel of sixteen gauge shotgun. Imagine being able to shoot a shotgun ammo with a handgun, it's totally insane!

4. Harmonica Gun

Just to clarify, this gun doesn't produce a sound as a harmonica does. The Harmonica Gun has a steel slide containing a number of chambers with bores for the bullets. This design comes in both the pistol and the rifle which operates in single and double action as well. The harmonica gun is also designed by the famous John Browning.

5. Disposable Pistols

World War II resistance fighters use disposable pistols from sheet metal until they can get better guns from an enemy kill. One disposable pistol cost only $1.72 per unit which is a compelling reason to mass produce these guns in a time of war. This gun doesn't have the rifling ability to keep the bullet's trajectory straight. So, a shooter should fire this gun at close range.


Watch this video about the harmonica rifle by Forgotten Weapons: 

These are weird weapons but make no mistake, they're still built to kill. A firearm must be efficient in almost every aspect at the least. The accuracy, loading mechanism, ergonomics, ease of use, and recoil of a gun have to be taken into account. These unusual weapons would probably fail to provide all these important factors. But it sure is entertaining for a shooting fan to know of their existence even though these designs won't last long in the market due to the factors mentioned above.

What can you say about these unconventional guns? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on January 9, 2018, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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1 Comment

  1. J.d. Schechter

    January 13, 2018 at 10:23 AM

    #3 is a basic S&W .357 snubby. Definitely NOT a LeMat

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