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Is The .25 Caliber Good For Self Defense?




There is a lot of debate around the 25 caliber – whether it qualifies as a functional self-defense gun or not. To put this to rest, here is everything you need to know about the .25 Auto.

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Everything You Need to Know About the 25 Caliber

What Is a .25 Caliber?

A .25 ACP or caliber is a straight-walled and semi-rimmed centerfire pistol cartridge. It was introduced in 1905 by John Browning, together with the Fabrique Nationale M1905 pistol.

Which Is the Best 25ACP Pistol?

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The best options for the .25 are guns that have not been in production for a long time. However, the Beretta 950 and Baby Browning are the two that are often highly regarded.

Which Is the Best 25 Caliber Rifle?

That has to be 25 caliber cartridges. Take a closer look at the .257 Weatherby Magnum if you are considering purchasing an ultra-long-range rifle. It is one of Roy Weatherby's best creations and undoubtedly the best in the ultra-long-range cartridges category.

What Is the Difference between a 25ACP and a 22 Long Rifle?

Besides the noticeable differences in caliber and diameters, the 22-long rifle is rimmed while the 25 caliber is semi-rimmed. Secondly, the 25 ACP is a centerfire, while the 22 long rifle is rimfire.

Why Is a 25 Caliber More Reliable Than a 22 Long Rifle?

Being a centerfire, the 25 ACP is, therefore, a more reliable caliber than the 22-long-rifle. This is especially so because semi-rimmed calibers are better used with autoloaders, especially those from around 1905 when the caliber was invented.

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What Is the Power Difference between the 25ACP and the 22 Caliber?

When fired from a long rifle barrel, the 22 LR is slightly more powerful, the .25 caliber. However, when fired from a smaller gun and with similar hollow-point ammo, there is a minimal difference margin as far as power is concerned.

However, due to its centerfire-case design, the 25 ACP is seen as a better option for personal defense handguns. Nonetheless, .25 bullets have higher velocities than the standard full metal jacket loads.

Why Is the 25ACP Not as Popular Today?

This is because there are only a few companies today still manufacture 25 caliber handguns. However, there is still a relatively large variety of this ammunition. It is, however, not as readily available as the 22-long-rifle or any other.

Note: It has limited options for defense rounds.

Which One Is More Deadly between a .25ACP and a 22 Long Rifle?

Modern gun and old revolver | 25 caliber handgun

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Well, both calibers are lethal and will neutralize any human or animal threat. The 25 caliber is, however, derided as unreliable compared to other small caliber alternatives. But as long as you are keen on which part you shoot, it is as reliable as the 22 calibers.

Note: Not aiming for vital organs when using the .25ACP for defense might take longer to incapacitate the threat.

Where Can One Get .25acp Ammunition?

Placerville, Half empty shelves of reloading die boxes at a gun shop | Is a 25 Caliber Good for Self Defense?

Since the caliber is not as common these days, its only makes sense that you need to look far and wide for the ammo. Even worse, the option for defensive rounds is quite limited.
However, looking for the ammo in stores with guns from the early 90s is your best chance at finding the ammo.

What if One Used 22 Long Rifle Ammo in a .25 Caliber?

The 25 Auto is all centerfire ammo. Therefore, any gun designed for it cannot fire a 22-long rifle. This because the firing pin cannot touch the rimfire primer on the .22 long rifle.

Note: You can, however, fire smaller diameter ammo if you first load it in a . 25 ACP case.

Why Choose the .25ACP for Personal Defense?

Even with all the debate going around, there are still reasons to choose the .25 caliber:

Firstly, it is best suited for use in autoloaders. No one has the time to keep reloading their gun when with a threat.

Secondly, it is the best option for people who are not as good with guns. Being an autoloader, it will keep firing until the trigger is released, something a novice can pull off.

Thirdly, since the primer is set above the cartridge base, the 25 caliber casings are not rendered useless after firing. As a result, the cartridge carries heavier projectiles allowing for more accurate shots, especially over long distances. The makes the .25ACP more reliable than the 22.

Lastly, the .25 caliber is made for small pistols, which everyone needs for a defense gun due to the ease of concealing.

Watch this video by Paul Harrell on which is better in a pocket gun, a .25 ACP or a .22 Long Rifle?


The 25 caliber is still short of meeting the 12-inch penetration requirement of the FBI to qualify for personal defense. However, most people are okay with neutralizing the threat, which the .25ACP is capable of doing. 

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  1. Arthur Russell

    April 15, 2021 at 9:09 PM

    There are actual several companies still producing .25ACP ammo. Hornady has a standard .25 round and a FTX critical defense round. You can find .25ACP ammo at

  2. Deez

    April 14, 2021 at 6:07 PM

    Wow… Sooooooo much misinformation about the .25 ACP and the firearms that use them. I’d rather throw my cat at someone for defense than what you describe the .25 ACP as.
    Being a semi-auto it SHOULD NOT keep firing with one pull of the trigger. One pull of trigger SHOULD be ONE ROUND fired. If you have something that does otherwise, then you have something ilegally built, ilegally modified, completetly unsafe, dangerous, and just plain stupid.
    Either or, semi-auto is not a full automatic… I wish the uninformed politicials that write for this BS site would stop spreading lies, if you don’t know about guns, don’t write about them or pretend to know.

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