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How NOT To Finish Your 80% Lower



broken 80% lower

Let me take a second to show you what NOT to do when your 80% lower comes in the mail from 80 Percent Arms. This is a little embarrassing, but we all make mistakes and I want you to learn from mine.

It's an easy step that I forgot to take in the excitement of almost finishing my own rifle, and one that I'll never make again.

When you're using the router to mill out your 80% lower using their awesome Easy Jig (and it makes the job very easy), ensure that you check the tightness of your chuck after each pass. Otherwise, something like this could happen to it:

80% lower broken

Broken 80% arms lower. Totally my fault.

Yes, my lower is totally destroyed now because of my excitement. I brought all of the parts with me, and was going to take it to the range that day.

On a totally different note, the jig has worked flawlessly so far. We've documented, on and off, the process for you with my HD video camera. I've used both a hand drill for some of it, and a drill-press for other parts of it.

The part that really sucks is that I was so close to having a finished AR-15 when I broke the lower. Literally, I only had one more pass to make and that part was done.

But, you can learn from my woes, so I'm happy it happened to me so you can see what not to do. So, again, make sure you tighten the bit down after each pass.

Will it get old? Yeah, more than likely. But, there is a wait on these items right now, which I'm guessing is at least partially because so many of you have read what we were doing and couldn't wait to do it yourselves. In fact, I know that some of you have bought from them after reading one of our two previous posts, because you told me so.

broken 80% lower

At the end of the day, the jig and the lower are great. The cheaply made 75$ Ryobi router on the other hand? Well, it isn't even their fault. I'm the dumb-ass who didn't check the tightness of the bit.

Stay tuned, again, because I'll be getting another one in a few weeks, and I can all but promise that I won't screw that one up. Please, make sure you laugh at my stupidity below in the comments, and also make sure that you let us know if you bought one of these or not.

When you're done with that, make sure you subscribe to the Gun Carrier YouTube channel, because that's were the final product is gonna go when I finish it.

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