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Democrats Use Boulder, Colorado Tragedy to Push Gun Control Agenda



On Tuesday, President Joe Biden appealed to Congress to approve new gun control legislation. This comes after the mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado this week left 10 dead. Immediately after the incident, Democrats use the tragedy to push their gun control agenda.

The president said he didn’t want to wait any longer to do something regarding gun violence. He appealed to both the House and the Senate to enforce a ban on “assault weapons,” similar to what Biden did when he was still serving as a senator.

The president noted that he managed to do this as a senator. Biden claimed that it brought down the number of mass shootings as a result. He added that if they pass new measures, this can happen again.

The shooting happened in a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado. According to authorities, 10 people were killed, including a police officer. Law enforcement eventually managed to apprehend the gunman, who only suffered a few injuries.

Democrats Use Recent Shooting As Leverage to Push for Gun Control Measures

However, even before details regarding the shooting in Boulder became clear, Democrats had already used it to advance their agenda surrounding gun control.

Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy (Conn.), who is known to be one of the most vocal advocates of gun control in Congress, mentioned that the country should use the recent shooting in Boulder to take its stand regarding gun violence.

Murphy said that the time to make a stand is now. He added that their movement for gun control has become stronger, thanks to both the president and Congress backing gun control measures.

On the other hand, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), said that Congress members would push to approve gun control measures following the Boulder, Colorado, shooting.

Schumer noted that they are observing the situation at Boulder. He added that the Senate will push through with creating legislation that will help stop “the epidemic of gun violence.”

A Democrat in the House of Representatives, Rep. Adam Schiff (Calif.) lamented about the recent shooting and said that the only proper response to it is gun reform laws.

Schiff stated that another person has turned a public area into a place where tragedy had happened. Using the recent incident as leverage, he said that people do not “have to live in fear” and that they must approve “commonsense gun reforms.”

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also released a statement regarding the tragedy and gun control. She also described gun violence as an “epidemic” that the country is facing. Pelosi said that they need to act now, noting that the Boulder shooting happened less than a week after another massacre in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Irony of Gun Control

Those who back gun control measures say that even if legislation manages to restrict the people’s Second Amendment rights, it will not be enough to stop gun violence. Despite this admission, Biden and prominent Democrats are still eager to pursue gun control. This comes especially as they have control in both the White House and Congress.

In the House of Representatives, Democratic lawmakers have already approved two bills related to firearms. Both measures focus on enhancing background checks of those trying to procure firearms. Democrats claim that these measures can stop atrocities like the incidents in Boulder and Atlanta.

As it stands, the filibuster is a roadblock that Democratic lawmakers need to face in terms of unilaterally passing measures they want to approve. Apart from that, the public support for passing gun control measures has reached a low in years in 2020.

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1 Comment

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    March 24, 2021 at 9:07 PM

    we must VOTE OUT ALL communist DEMORATS
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