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The Pros of a Biometric Gun Safe



The Pros of a Biometric Gun Safe by Gun Carrier at

The Pros of a Biometric Gun Safe by Gun Carrier at

If you are already using a gun safe of the traditional kind such as the lock and key type, wheel and pin combination, or electronic lock then you are aware of the good and bad points of each. One of the common disadvantages of these gun safes is that they do not offer enough security to keep your kids or burglars from attempting to open them. If the children happen to see you unlocking the safe, there is a good chance that they will figure out the code. If a burglar is determined enough, a pry bar can give him access to your guns.

The Pros of a Biometric Gun Safe

Another big problem is unlocking the safe yourself in critical situations. Under pressure, we tend to forget combinations or simply push the wrong buttons. You would be in an even worse condition when you misplace the key or lose it.

Enter the biometric lock gun safe, a safe storage container for your handguns and ammunition which eliminates the problems previously mentioned. All you need is your fingerprint, which is actually the key to the gun safe.


Biometric Gun Safe Review – The BioLock Fingerprint Gun Safe

Interested in getting your hands on the most technologically advanced gun safe on the market?

Compact and durable, the BioLock gun safe is a budget-friendly addition to any seasoned gun owner’s storage requirements, and an ideal solution for folks who only need to safeguard a single handgun but still want the comfort of immediate access.

Check out the video here.

(No more fumbling with keys or combinations with this safe.)

Just a simple swipe of a finger grants you immediate access to your valuables

There are, of course, many factors at play when choosing a gun safe, so it’s important to peg down your specific requirements. If ample capacity is a primary concern, BioLock’s 7-3/4 x 7-3/8-inch interior stature won’t exactly blow anyone’s mind.

And while it’s one-inch depth will embrace most standard handguns with ease. Those with big custom mods or multiple accessories will want to seek out larger options (exterior dimensions of the BioLock Safe run at 7.25 X 10.75 inches, with a two-inch total depth).

Like most biometric gun safes, the BioLock Safe has a backup option if the scanner fails, which in this case is a fairly rudimentary cylinder key — similar to what you’d find on basic bike locks.

Such protection is hardly impervious to several swings of a well-placed claw hammer, but it will certainly keep the kids at bay. The outer perimeter of the safe, meanwhile, is black and heavily coated, making it resistant to average wear and tear.

Aforementioned claw hammer does not qualify as “average.”

Although the fingerprint scanner can initially seem a bit finicky, its overall responsiveness is surprisingly reliable given the safe’s puny price tag. However, if you need several people to have access to the safe, keep in mind that the BioLock only stores up to six unique fingerprints.

Users program the BioLock by first opening the safe with one of two provided keys. Once unlocked, make sure you return the key to the locked position before you program the scanner, otherwise it won’t respond.

via Biometric Gun Safe Review – The BioLock Safe | Survival Life – Survival Life | Outdoor Survival Gear & Skills, SHTF Prepping.


These high tech gun safes take handgun storage and security to a whole other level. In addition to keeping your handgun hidden away from prying eyes, curious hands and most of all the bad guys, a biometric gun safe is easier to use. There is no key to hide in a secret place or a combination that you should never forget or jumble. Your fingers will do all the work.

The greatest benefit that a gun owner can get from a biometric gun safe is the speed. Because it is so easy to use, this type of gun safe makes access to your weapons a breeze. When you have to deal with life-threatening situations, your gun must be in your hands as soon and as quickly as possible.

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