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Everything You Need To Know About The AR15 Rifle Platform



Feature | man sitting on the ground carrying a rifle | Everything You Need To Know About The AR15 Rifle Platform | ar15 history

The AR15 rifle platform is one of the most popular rifle platforms worldwide, check out below the latest upgrade.

In this article:

  1. AR15 Rifle Trivia
  2. AR/M4 Low Profile Chest Rig by Beez Combat Systems
  3. Utilizing Weapon and Tactical Gear Upgrades

AR15 Rifle Platform Tactical Firearm


AR15 Rifle Trivia

This design by Eugene Stoner and James Sullivan is also one of the most widely used rifle platforms for militaries around the globe. The rifle operates the same despite undergoing numerous transformations in AR15 history. Manufacturers have created tactical gears that benefit the operator since the rifle's introduction.

AR/M4 Low Profile Chest Rig by Beez Combat Systems

man on the ground in a shooting position | Everything You Need To Know About The AR15 Rifle Platform | ar15 rifle

Stress Testing the BeezCombatSystems AR15 Chest Rig Photo by Alden Morris [Youtube]

Beez Combat Systems offers customizable AR/M4 low profile chest rigs on the market. It over-exceeds the standards of experienced AR/M4 operators. The chest rig offers a magazine loadout option of three to six magazines. It also includes MOLLE real-estate on the front panel for additional magazine accessories and utility pouches. A variety of colors is also available ranging from standard patterns for each branch of the armed forces as well as even Kryptek.

A standard lat strap or a pull-forward lat strap allows the operator much more adjustable comfort after the rig is put on. A padded harness is also recommended with the Beez Combat Systems AR/M4 chest rig. It includes three rows of horizontal MOLLE webbing, Velcro on the rear for blood type patches, and a reinforced drag handle. The drag handle on the chest rig’s padded harness has effective testing on the range as you see here:

Stress Testing the Beez Combat Systems AR15 Chest Rig:

The Beez Combat Systems AR/M4 chest rig also includes a full-length interior pocket via a Velcro enclosure. Each end pocket on the chest rig is wider in order to support a radio or firearm. The chest rig makes for a great recon rig allowing the operators’ overall profile to maintain minimal visibility. This is important while still managing an adequate loadout for the mission at hand.

The option of increasing magazine slots to upwards of six magazines makes for a great sentry rig. This way, the operator may have a comfortable chest rig with a heavy loadout. With the additional MOLLE real-estate located on the front panel, this option allows for even more magazine pouches. They attach virtually making the operator a central figure in flanking tactics for a suppressive fire.

See a complete review of the Beez Combat Systems AR/M4 Chest Rig here:

Utilizing Weapon and Tactical Gear Upgrades

man carrying weapons in the forest | Everything You Need To Know About The AR15 Rifle Platform | ar15 parts

AR Chest Rig Photo by Beez Combat Systems

The transformation of the AR/M4 platform has tactical equipment for use by AR/M4 operators. However, only a select few manufacturers impress professional operators with these AR15 parts. With many AR/M4 platforms, Beez Combat chest rig compliments this task stupendously. This allows special operations units the tactical advantage when an AR/M4 platform needs concealment. Also, the low profile chest rig supports extra magazines.

Beez Combat Systems offers upgrades to their tactical gear such as the CRMB or Chest Rig MOLLE Belt. The CRMB allows AR/M4 operators even more MOLLE real-estate at the rear of the rig. This is capable of supporting more magazines, dump pouches, and a secondary firearm. The combination of this option with the padded harness gives the AR/M4 operator the most real estate options. It's like a plate carrier minus the ballistics protection and extra weight. Correct use of the AR/M4 chest rig completes an excellent recon kit to help maintain little to no visibility.


See all the AR chest rig upgrades by Beez Combat Systems here:

Keeping the configuration of the rifle in mind as well as the various upgraded models and magazine selections available, tactical gear related to the AR/M4 operator must benefit the wearer in every aspect. These aspects include efficiency during magazine reloads, load bearing capability, comfort and quality of the materials and construction, and additional MOLLE real-estate for loading bearing necessities. With these aspects in mind, Beez Combat Systems provides AR/M4 operators with the highest quality tactical gear on the market.

Do you think the AR15 rifle platform has what it takes to be a great tactical firearm? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in July 2017 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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