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Add These 7 Double Action Pistols to Your Collection Today



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Even in a world of poly-striker handguns, some people still prefer double-action pistol that is hammer-fired or otherwise as they are compact and lightweight for everyday carry.

Check out this roundup of some of the best in the market today.

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7 Sleek Double Action Pistols Every Shooter Needs

1. Beretta 92X Compact

Though Beretta 92X Compact is not the easiest double-action pistol to carry around due to its size, it is way easier to wield than your standard 92FS. Moreover, the 92X series is packed with upgrades which makes it n exceptional piece.

Like with other 92 compacts, it has a 4.25 barrel and a 5.25 frame. Its factory magazine holds 13+1, 9mm, but if you choose to go with aftermarket magazines, you can pack upto15+1, 9mm. The grip has been upgraded to a straight drop with a bob at the bottom.

The vertex slide features strategic cuts that allow you to install night sights or fiber optics at the front or rear ends. Additionally, it has a beveled mag well facilitating swift magazine changes.

Note: The straight grip reduces trigger reach, making it easier for you to use the smooth long DA trigger.

2. Beretta PX4 Storm Compact

You will appreciate the Beretta PX4 Storm Compact if concealed tote – thanks to its 3.27-inch barrel, is your priority in a double-action pistol. As a modification of the Beretta 8000, it features a similar trigger system and rotating barrel.

It, however, has a polymer frame with rails hence the reduced weight and space for mounting accessories. While this modern version retains the frame-mounted Ambi safety, it has smaller levers that are easily accessible with your shooting hand’s thumb.


  • Unlike the 92 series, you can change the sights on this one
  • Besides being almost the same size as a Glock 19, it has the same capacity

3. Walther P99AS

For a pistol that has been around for a while, the Walther P99AS is still and prolific pistol. It is a striker-fired pistol with great capacity, changeable backstraps, high accuracy, unbeatable ergonomic, and an amazing factory trigger.

Also, you can easily decock it with a slide-top button, and it is only a little taller than a Glock 19. Walther P99AS is a smart choice if you want a double-action pistol that is not hammer-fired.

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4. CZ P-01

The CZ P-01 is an easily lovable double-action pistol to most modern shooters because of its frame-mounted de-cocker, lightweight, and full-length railed cover for accessories.

It is also praised for its reliability and accuracy, not to mention its double action and SA triggers and outstanding ergonomics. It is NATO certified, making it a great combat handgun to add to your arsenal.

5. SAR B6C

Want to save a few extra dollars but still get a handy pistol? The SAR B6C is the double-action piece to look for. This B6 series has a reduced weight due to its polymer lower frame.

What’s more, its SA trigger pull rivals that of double MSRP pistols, not to mention its outstanding DA trigger pull. Besides being NATO certified, it has great capacity and ergonomics and is affordable for such a reliable and accurate pistol.

6. Rock Island Armory AL9.0

This list wouldn’t be complete without a revolver. If anything, the original double-action pistols were wheel guns. Being a six-shot medium-frame revolver, it has a three-inch barrel and a round butt. The barrel features a full underlug ejector.

What’s more, it chambers 9mm and is used with moon clips. Though it features only three moon clips, it is good to have a few extras at hand.

Besides their perfect balance between accuracy and concealability, the AL9.0 also boasts an ergonomic rubber grip, a changeable rear sight, and a front side blade’s red insert.

7. FNH FNX series

FNH FNX pistols are functional full-sized guns, but you can get the FNX-9 if you want a shorter piece that is easier to conceal. It has a four-inch barrel and is reliable with its quality build.

Moreover, its ergonomics guarantee comfort when handling it, in addition to pointing naturally. This explains why it is widely used by special operators, the military, and police globally.


There you have it, fellow gun enthusiasts. Besides, capacity, reliability and accuracy, weight, and size are the other important factors to consider with double action pistols if you want to tag them along every day.

Which other double action pistol still in production do you think fits in this list? Let us know in the comment section below!

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