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Shotgun Ammo Reloading Tips for Combat | Home Defense



shotgun ammo reloading

You always want to be prepared for any situation. This is especially true when it comes to the defense of your home or family. You want to be able to reload your weapons as fast as possible, given a dangerous or life-threatening circumstance. Knowing how to reload your shotgun from empty, quickly and efficiently is key to being prepared for these situations. You'll want to make sure you practice ammo reloading enough that it becomes second nature to you.

Shotgun Ammo Reloading Tips for Combat

1. Choose your shotgun


Looking down the barrel of a Wilson Combat 870

Pictured here is the Wilson Combat 870 – Remington 870 sent over to wilson combat and was transformed into the tactical 870. This shotgun has a tactical stock (shorter), surefire weapon light, sidesaddle and ghost-ring sights.

We recommend all your self-defense guns have lights on them for good target acquisition, you don't want to be making mistakes in your home when using a firearm. We are going to be reloading from a sidesaddle with slugs in it. No matter what shotgun you either already have or decide to buy, these tips will allow you to quickly and efficiently ammo reload while in combat.

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2. Know your ammo


Sidesaddle filled with slugs

You want to be sure to know what type of ammo you are shooting. You can use whatever you like (unless its birdshot) but buckshot or slugs are commonly used. Don't mix buckshot and slugs. You want to know what is coming out of your gun and what it can do.

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3. Port/Combat Loading – Underhand


Underhand method demonstration

When port loading or combat loading you have two options: The one shown here is where you grab your round and slide your hand under the gun, placing in the round. Using this method has little control and it is more likely the round will fall out of your hand.

4. Port/Combat Loading – Overhand


Overhand port loading demonstration

The overhand method is exactly as it states, you load the firearm by putting in the round over the top. To make it easier you can slightly turn the gun so that the round drops right in. This can be a little bit faster with much more control over the underhand method.

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You can also check out the full video on Wilson Combat 870 – Loading a Shotgun in Combat

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