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New Petition: Tell The President You Want Gun Safety Training In Schools



Hey Lamplighters,

This issue has been weighing pretty heavy on us since we had a chance to catch up with our friend Craig Caudill on the ReadyCast last week. He brought up how irresponsible use of guns is taking a huge toll on the gun enthusiast community these days. And we couldn't agree more. Whether it's people intentionally misusing their weapons or just not having the respect for their guns to not treat them as toys, the community as a whole has suffered quite a PR nightmare as of late.

And though this is bad and causes us all quite a headache, the real tragedy lies in the precious lives lost at the hands of a misused firearm. There are too many instances to name, but I think we can all agree that these sad stories are a heavy burden to bear as a responsible gun user. That the loss of these lives makes it hard to defend our stance on gun control, because how could our right to arms be more precious than these lives?

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The truth is, our right to arms saves so many more lives than it takes. This freedom was founded by our forefathers with the sole purpose of allowing Americans to protect their rights and families. It is this legacy that we uphold and carry on. It is this vision which drives all responsible gun owners. It is this this responsibility that rests heavy on the shoulders of all gun enthusiasts.

It is this reason that we must start giving our children meaningful gun education in schools. By educating children on gun safety, we not only take the mystery out of guns and take some of the intriguing “off limits” qualities of these weapons, but we'll also instill a healthy respect for guns as powerful tools rather than toys meant for playing.

Tell The President You Want Gun Safety Training In Schools

We need to teach children –

  1. What guns are, what they do, and why they should not be played with.
  2. The history of gun use- why we're allowed to have guns and how they've been used for good(hunting, protection) and bad(school shootings, robberies) in important cultural and historic moments.
  3. What to do if they see a gun – don't touch, back away, find an adult you trust and let them know.
  4. How to be a safe and responsible gun user if they ever choose to have guns- the proper trainings and safety measures that should be taken before obtaining a gun.


With this type of training, we would see a healthy respect for guns rise, accidental shootings decrease, and the number of responsible gun owners increase, helping reduce the overall crime, violence, and improper usage of guns in the United States. If you agree, please click here to sign our petition. We want to tell President Obama that we NEED proper training for gun safety and education in schools. This is the answer, not taking away our guns!

Thanks for your support,

The FPA Team

Sign Our Petition – Save Our Kids, Save Our Rights

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