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Colt Defender Series | Gun Carrier Compact Pistol Review



Feature | Black pistols on a wooden table | Colt Defender Series | Gun Carrier Compact Pistol Review

The Colt Defender is one of the best handguns when it comes to power, accuracy, weight, and concealment. Read on and learn more about this bad boy!

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In this article:

  1. Colt Defender Review
  2. Gun Specs
  3. Ease of Use and Performance
  4. Pros and Cons
  5. Overall Verdict and Price

Colt Defender: A Perfect Everyday Protector

Colt Defender Review

You can choose between a .45 ACP or 9mm semi-auto pistol for concealed carry. The Colt 1911 is an all-time classic with high recognition as the greatest handgun in the world.

However, this semi-automatic pistol is long and heavy. So after a great deal of effort Colt makers came up with a small but reliable version of the 1911, the Colt Defender.

The Defender is a powerful handgun known as a reliable and accurate short-slide 1911. Best of all, it is an excellent concealed weapon.

Gun Specs

The Colt Defender has a 3-inch barrel and weighs 24 ounces when it's not loaded.

These pistols have beavertail Colt Defender grips with a ridge down the center of its spine. This provides a nice hold on the pistol.

The earlier models had Hogue rubber grips instead of the beavertail grip safety. It also has a capacity of 7 .45 and 8 9mm shot-mag.

The hammer is improved along with the solid aluminum frame and trigger. The Novak Low Mount Carry sights have three fixed dots to give shooters a fast target acquisition.

Users who have experience with semi-auto pistols can easily adjust with these sights.

Ease of Use and Performance

This pistol is also available in Umarex Colt Defender which simulates shooting a real gun. It has a nice weight to it for a Colt Defender bb gun and shoots .177 caliber loads definitely great for practice shooting.

The Umarex Colt Defender gets the shooter ready aside from the heavy recoil the real thing gives.

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Pros and Cons

It is always fun to shoot these Colt pistols, similar to a Glock and a Ruger. The power and performance of this Defender are remarkable but like anything else, there are also flaws that should.

What is a Glock? One of the most popular pistol brands in the world, these guns were invented by Gaston Glock. They're made from a high-strength nylon-based polymer which is more durable than most steel alloys.

If you use a full-length mag and ram it really hard, it can overtravel and jam the gun up. A thing to remember is, if everything is not tweaked right, it can be unreliable.

If the extractor is not tuned properly or it becomes too loose or too tight, then a problem might occur.

Overall Verdict and Price

The Colt Defender is a very impressive pistol that will deliver hits at longer ranges compared to other compact handguns.

You can go for a couple of thousand rounds without experiencing malfunctions. The accuracy is superb.

I would definitely recommend this gun for everyday carry. You can get these bad boys at a reasonable price of $899 for .45 ACP and $949 for 9mm.


Watch this video by hickok45 and see how the Colt Defender performs in a shooting range. I'm sure you'll also be amazed:

The Colt Defender is definitely one of the greatest compact. Its accuracy is remarkable for a shooter with the proper skills in compact pistols.

My Defender never fails to amaze me every time I pull its trigger. With its performance, it is surely worth every penny.

Are you a big fan of 1911 like me? I would like to hear about your experiences. Share your thoughts in the comments section below! 



Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May 2015 and has been updated for quality and relevancy. 


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  1. Chris from Plainview

    July 3, 2023 at 11:09 AM

    I carry the Colt New Agent in 45acp , it came with CT Laser grips. This auto covers all the bases, great reliable shooter , easy to conceal. Easy to find a holster made for the pistol . Same as the defender. Only complaint is the guide rod assembly , it never gave me a problem but it seems like the weakest link. Changed the assembly to the EGW full size guide rod and flat spring.Anyone looking for the perfect compact pistol give the defender a hard look?

  2. Robert

    January 27, 2018 at 10:01 AM

    Jason Mathers is a scam artist!!!!!

  3. MJB

    December 11, 2017 at 3:26 AM

    Almost $1000 for a little .380 ? That’s not a reasonable price as far as I’m concerned.

  4. joeb

    June 7, 2017 at 6:22 PM

    I have a defender which I bought two years ago. Love it…and I’m glad to see a review by an actual, great shooter. I’m a fair shooter, and my defender makes me look better than I probably am. I’ve never had a jam and feel very comfortable with it as my daily carry even though it has a 3″ barrel. I added Crimson Trace built into the grips and really enjoy shooting it around dusk when I can see both the target and the red dot at 35 yards. No problems with the extractor or with the ramp on the aluminum frame. As you suggested I need to shoot more hydroshocks through it (my carry ammo). This gun I’ll keep for life.

  5. William

    June 7, 2017 at 10:59 AM

    Battleborn, curious. I have a Colt New Agent and love it. It’s my everyday carry. Saddening that you received such a poor quality Colt or I was extremely lucky with mine. I would not sell trade or whatever my New Agent. I haven’t had an opportunity to shoot the Defender a few friends have them and like you are quite happy with it. My New Agent eats any type of ammo my only future consideration might be to add a Crimson Trace on to it.
    Good luck and good shooting

  6. battleborn

    June 7, 2017 at 7:46 AM

    I have had a Defender for about 15 years now. It is a great gun. I thought I would add to the collection and buy a Colt Agent, very similar but with trench sights. It was pure garbage, poorly fitting parts and spotty finish on the bluing. About a month after I bought it I found out it was subject to recall. Colt replaced a couple of parts that did not match the finish on the rest of the pistol, at all. I was so disgusted with it I could barely look at it. I put it in the safe for a couple of years and looked at it again. It pissed me off so bad I sold it so I wouldn’t have to look at it again. Lost money on that one. Probably was my last Colt.

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