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These Hunting Shotguns Are The Best Bang For Your Buck



If you're looking for the best hunting shotguns worth every penny you've got, then you're on the right page. Check out my review on some of the finest hunting shotguns out there.

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On the quest to look for the best hunting shotguns, you're bound to poke a hole in your wallet sooner or later. Shotguns ain't cheap and when you're out buying and trying everything the Internet suggests, you'll run out of dough soon enough. However, we've generously listed these hunting shotguns that'll get you the most out of your bucks (pardon the pun). So take a peek to see exactly what you're looking for.

For hunting shotguns, reliability is everything. Although there are a wide variety of chokes, calibers, and action styles, a good hunting shotgun should ultimately be reliable. Thus, a shotgun with less moving parts does the job best. Take a look at these hunting shotguns that will be well worth your money!


Remington 870 – $399

Remington 870 | These Hunting Shotguns Are The Best Bang For Your Buck

image via range365

The Remington 870 is no doubt the best shotgun in the market today. If you've done your homework, you can find the Model 870 in any “best shotgun” list there is. I've held a couple of these 870's and the action is just smooth, almost feels like it'll never fail. But the best about this pump-action is it closely competes with guns near the 4-digit price for just $399.

Mossberg 835 – $650

What I like about the Mossberg 835 are its sleek design and its lightweight components. However, it's almost as if you're shooting lighter rounds, even with Mag shells despite the light build of this gun. You just don't get the same amount of kick from when you shoot those 3 1/2-inch shells with other pump-actions.

Winchester SXP – $479.99

Winchester SXP | These Hunting Shotguns Are The Best Bang For Your Buck

image via gunsamerica

One of the most well-balanced guns of this century, the Winchester SXP provides a smooth pumping motion for a quick follow-up shot. While other hunters frown upon pump-action rifles, they probably haven't held an SXP to debunk the poor follow-up myth. I'd say the SXP is a revolutionary shotgun and a great investment.

Stevens 555 – $700

Stevens 555 | These Hunting Shotguns Are The Best Bang For Your Buck

image via range365

The Stevens 555 is an over/under shotgun that's basically two barrels over and under each other. What's great about this is you can have two chokes with one gun and shoot the fastest follow-up shot. However, despite the 555's single trigger system–rather than one for each barrel–I find it worth the cash.

Browning BPS – $599.99

Browning BPS | These Hunting Shotguns Are The Best Bang For Your Buck

image via browning

Browning's BPS is almost the same as Remington's 870 pump-action. Everything just feels about the same with this shotgun as the 870, with the additional of its ambidextrous design. However, I'd feel more comfortable shooting with the walnut stock rather than the synthetic ones Browning offers. Nonetheless, it's still a great deal at $599.

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Now if you've been planning to buy yourself a new hunting shotgun, then I hope this list can help you choose the best fit for you. I'm pretty sure these hunting guns will do you well on your next hunting trip. It worked for me and one of my favorite guns is on the list!

Have you tried any of these hunting guns? Share your experiences in the comments below!
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