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The 7 Most Awesome Guns From The Walking Dead: Season 1



The Walking Dead hits home on so many levels, for so many people. The show has excellent acting, awesome graphics, deep plots and lots of action. To make it even better, it all takes place in a world we all know is coming: The Zombie Apocalypse. I've said it time and again, it's already upon us, what with all of these brain sucking morons all over the place and all.

Even better, they use guns to defend themselves in the show. In fact, some of the best firearms ever built have made an appearance in the show at least once. Check out our list of the 7 most awesome guns from The Walking Dead season 1:

Rick's Python.

This is the most famous weapon in the entire show. It has been with us since the very first episode. His revolver is almost always in its holster. And when it isn't there, it is in his hand laying out the utter devastation that the .357 magnum offers. The Python began rolling out of the factory in 1955 as a top of the line revolver until Colt halted production in 1999. After its production ended, the price skyrocketed and it's currently one of the most sought after handguns on the market.

Dead soldier's Beretta.

This is the iconic pistol that Rick uses to connect with the main group of survivors, eventually leading him to his family in episode two. This is also the pistol that showed Glenn just how badass of a shot Rick actually was. He emptied round after round into zombie head while running. I had the privilege of qualifying with an M9 while in the Marines. This is a no frills pistol chambered in 9mm that gets the job done. Of course, the military is currently looking to replace it with something more modern.

Andrea's Ladysmith.

Who can forget when Andrea successfully held a gun up to Rick's head and almost pulled the trigger? Of course, the safety was on so it wouldn't have mattered much. Thankfully, she learned how to shoot it later on in the show. And actually, after he schooled her on how the safety works, she pulled the pistol on him again in the episode where she had to put her sister down. The S&W 3913 came in a few different models, one of them designed for ladies. This single stack pistol holds 8 rounds of 9mm Luger in the magazine, and one in the chamber. Not my first choice for the Zombie Apocalypse, but certainly not a bad backup gun.

Shane's Mossberg 590.

This 12 gauge shotgun made several appearances, and was apparently a favorite of his. In the first episode where Rick was shot (and thus put into a coma) he used it against the bad guys. Then, when Shane and Rick walked through the woods on patrol, Shane actually aimed it at Rick as he debated killing his best friend. The 9-shot 590 Tactical serves law enforcement and military personnel across the country and is built on a solid and proven platform.

Merle's Winchester 70.

Who can forget the rooftop in episode two? Ya know, where Merle butt strokes T-Dog in the head? Yeah, that's Merle for ya…The Model 70 just celebrated its 75th anniversary a few years ago, not something a whole lot of guns ever get to say. But, then again, it's a hunting rifle and not suited for zombie killing in close quarters.

Dale's Rifle.

Poor Dale. I really liked him on the show, too bad he got eaten by a brain sucking zombie. Who can forget that just about every time he is seen he has what looks to be a bolt action Remington 700 slung over his shoulder? These rifles come chambered in a variety of cartridges, and can be used in many different hunting applications. Once again, not ideal for the zombie horde.

Morgan's Rifle.

Ah, Morgan. You were so missed after you disappeared. And why? The person you are in the current season isn't anything like how you were supposed to be. Ah well, what can ya do? Just before Rick and Morgan departed, he was given a Remington 700 that he tried to dispatch his dead wife with. Unfortunately, he didn't (spoiler alert!) and she ate their son later on in the show. Twisted, huh? While these rifles are great for hunting, I think I'd want something a little more zombie friendly, than a Remington 700 bolt action.

There you have it. The most iconic guns from the first season of The Walking dead. Next time, we'll take an in depth look at the guns from season two.

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