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Home Gun Safety Taught in New Special Report



Home gun safety has made its way to the headlines, as debate over gun control continues in the wake of the president’s latest executive orders. Survival Life’s new Special Report How to Hide Your Guns will show people how to securely keep guns ready but hidden from thieves, bandits, or worse.

How to Hide Your Guns was created by Survival Life’s team of experts, who devoted hundreds of hours of research and development to determine the best places to hide weapons. People who prepare for emergencies or disasters know the importance of firearms in times of desperation, and are within their rights to be as ready as they can be.

However, should criminals force their way into a home, would a gun safe be opened in time? Could a trigger lock be released when there’s less than five tense seconds to work with?’s Special Report guides gun owners in finding and constructing the best places to hide guns, but still have them easily accessible when they’re needed.

How to Hide Your Guns shares tried and true strategies for storing survival weapons and personal firearms in places certain to keep them concealed.  Recent government decisions have changed the gun-owning landscape, and many businesses that sell firearms and ammo are seeing huge increases in sales. While authorities try to curb the growth of gun violence, those who never intend to use their weapons for anything but self-protection now face scrutiny for their responsible decisions.

Old furniture, duct tape, and homemade compartments are just some of the practical and inexpensive ways How to Hide Your Guns suggests securing firearms and other weapons. The most obvious storage places are more dangerous than people realize, and wants to make sure this information gets into the hands of those who need it most.

No one wants to alarm their houseguests, or be at risk of losing their legally-owned firearms due to a crisis. How to Hide Your Guns will show anyone the safest and smartest methods of home gun safety possible, and share valuable information that can’t be found elsewhere. For more information on the Special Report, go to this webpage.

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