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What the Terror Attacks Have Taught Us, And How to be Prepared



If there is anything that all of the terrorist attacks over the past several months have taught us, it's that terrorism still sucks and people need guns to defend themselves. Oh yeah, there is one more thing: all of the gun laws in all of Europe and California couldn't keep those terror loving, AK-47 toting, bomb blowing dumbasses from getting guns and killing innocent people with them.

It is my own personal (but highly accurate) opinion that if the people in Paris and San Bernardino were able to protect themselves properly, the radicals wouldn't have been able to take out as many people as they did. I know that, in any gun-friendly state, there would be some sort of direct opposition. There would have been at least some people in the area with the ability to defend themselves and others against an attack like this.

Granted, whenever just a few self-defense pistols go up against superior firepower, like several AK-47s, the odds are severely stacked against us. However, the argument can also be made that, when several AKs go up against an unarmed populace, it gets even worse.

Besides, with proper training and knowledge, there is a way to take out the terrorists while reducing the possibility of even being seen. An armed and well trained citizen can take out a bad guy at longer distances with a pistol. It is possible, even though you have to make up for bullet drop and a slower traveling bullet.

If you don't know how to make long distance pistol shots, now is obviously a good time to learn, so make sure you check out Amy Jane's video below, as she tackles a 200 yard shot with a Kahr CW 9 pistol.

I would take it one step further than Amy Jane, however, by saying that in this instance you should stack the odds as highly in your favor as possible. So, using some sort of dual purpose rest for cover to hide behind is key. You could use whatever is around you, like a car, a chair, or anything else suitable to use in hand stabilization and as cover.

Because, let's face it, in a situation like this, you're going to need steady hands, and something to hide behind. What do you think? Would you stand up to the terrorists? Or, would you run?


The best thing you could ever do is train as hard as you can whenever possible. Personally, I like to go to the range at least once per week, if not more. Of course, training can be expensive, but there are other ways you can prepare for a critical incident where you have to use your firearm in self-defense. This article talks more about one of the ways I like to get ready.

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  1. One Man

    July 28, 2016 at 7:59 PM

    Twelve words.
    “I was in fear of my life so I employed deadly force. “

  2. Lee Rolls

    July 28, 2016 at 12:38 PM

    Reading the comments I would like to give perhaps a bit of advice to those of you who state that they “are ready and have been forb30 yrs ” or “I’ll be throwing so much lead in their direction” and you others making these bravado statements. As a member of the USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association) something I’ve been advised, as have all members, to avoid doing is just what you folks are doing. If you are ever unfortunate enough to actually have to use your weapon(s), be they guns, knives or even bare hands, you will most likely be arrested and potentially prosecuted for murder, even if it is in self defense. That being said if it is self defense you will likely be freed, HOWEVER, the prosecutor is going to dig into your life as deep as he/she can to prove you wanted to kill someone. Statements, like the ones made here, can and WILL be used as evidence to prove that you were just itching to kill someone. Messed up? You bet. But can, has and will happen. Just a cautionary statement to all of you. Bravery is a thing of doing not talking. Save your comments they don’t prove your bravery they show your lack of forethought. I’d strongly encourage each of you to check out and join the USCCA. You can gain a lot of information and help in learning ti be a responsible gun owner/carrier and can get even better protection for yourself should the worst happens and you have to defend yourselves. Feel free to use me as a reference.

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