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Survival | Where The Walking Dead Got It Wrong On Guns



I love this show, but The Walking Dead is dead wrong on guns:

Tech Insider has recently published an article explaining why The Walking Dead will be using fewer weapons than ever before. The cast members are apparently conserving their ammo because they realize that they'll run out at some point.

Chances are good that, if you're a “gun guy” (or gal), you cringe each time someone fires a weapon and there's no recoil just like I do. Truth be told, I cringe during any of the other *many* falsities concerning firearms (or survival in general), as well.

For example, why on earth did they walk by so many guns like they did in the first couple of seasons? If you remember correctly, part of the reason they went to go get Merle was because Rick dropped his guns outside of the tank. In other words, guns were that important to him.

They didn't even check to see if the guns outside the CDC had any ammo.

Second, where are all of the .22lr guns at? The .22 is one of the most abundantly owned firearms in the country, whether it is in rifle or pistol form. In fact, most serious gun owners have at least one, if not more guns chambered in .22lr.

Furthermore, they began in the gun-friendly state of Georgia, where we know there are a lot of guns, and most likely a few .22s, as well. A brick of .22 ammo (which is 500 rounds) is actually small when compared to a 50 round box of ball ammo (when you take how many you get into account). So, why aren't there more (or any) of these around?

Finally, let's get to the point of why I decided to write this article to begin with. What I read over at Tech Insider said that fewer guns will be used going forward. I guess it makes sense. After all, in the zombie apocalypse Remington and Winchester probably have better things to do than manufacture guns and ammo.

But, there is a way around this, as well. Personally, if I was ever knee deep in zombie guts and had a very limited supply of ammunition, I'd be manufacturing more all on my own. People do it every day, so it is very possible to do with limited knowledge. All they'd have to do is scrounge up some supplies and, viola—instant extra zombie-killing projectiles.

But, what if you couldn't find new ammo supplies?

Think about it, there is likely spent ammo casings of differing calibers strewn about all over the place. Therefore, you have an almost endless supply of brass and used primers. What about the bullet, itself? Well, if you don't have any, you can rip all of the lead wheel weights and battery terminals off of dead cars.

Lead has a low melting point and all you'd need is a bullet mold. But, a crude mold can be made fairly easy out of a piece of wood with holes drilled into it with the varying caliber sizes if you can't find one at your local sporting goods store.

The gun powder can be made by a few different methods. You can make it yourself, chemically, or go to the toy store and get some cap gun caps. Check out this video of a guy doing just that:

Is that a lot of work to do at the rate of one casing at at a time? Absolutely. But, when you've got no other options, what else can ya do?

Finally, primers can be re-purposed with a little love and ingenuity. Trust me, if my name was Rick Grimes, I'd have people going round the clock just making ammunition. Why? Because homemade bullets are better than no bullets. This is especially true in a survival scenario where, around each turn, a zombie wants to suck face. Literally.

That's my take on it, anyway.

Then again, the world of The Walking Dead is a strange one. Things don't happen there like they do in the real world. After all, the grass is always neatly trimmed, the gasoline never breaks down, and you don't actually have to aim for the head in a zombie headshot kill.

Besides, if they didn't run out of ammo, how could they continue to build the story?

When the SHTF, and it will at some point, things are going to be different. You and I are lucky because we can get ready for it before the zombies start chomping at us. For more survival tips, make sure you check out our friends over at Survival Life, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. mike

    March 15, 2016 at 11:37 AM

    I just hate it every time someone is going to use a semi auto they feel the need to rack the slide. How many good rounds are lying around……LOL

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