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SHOT Show 2016 | RDB-C Hunting BullPup



shot show 2016


SHot show 2016

KelTec Booth

Guns, guns, everywhere for SHOT Show 2016. We're going to keep flooding the blog with guns, gear, knives and other cool stuff all week long. This next one, is one of Kel-Tec's new offerings. Technically, the RDB-C isn't even available yet. In fact, the rep I spoke to didn't even know when it's coming out, so your guess is as good as mine, in that regard.

I'm always looking for something-guns to talk about, and KelTec gave it to me this time around with their RDB-C bullpup rifle.

shot show 2016


This rifle is the latest variant of the RDB rifle already on the market, except this one is designed more for the hunter in all of us. It will be chambered in .223 and 6.5 Grendel. As you can see, the pistol grip is missing from this one, and it features its own unique set of furniture with a fixed stock.

The overall length is 30 inches with a 20 inch barrel. Speaking of the barrel, the .223 version will have a 1:7 twist rate and a 4 pound trigger pull.

Shot Show 2016


Here is a video of the KelTec:

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