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Self-Defense Tips for Living in a Post-9/11 America



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America remains a changed nation since 9/11. The terrorist threat is more imminent than ever. Recent events across the country are evidence of that. Being armed with the proper self-defense techniques can make all the difference between surviving and dying during a terrorist attack.

Speaking Up, Proper Training Among Essential Self-Defense Techniques

There are instances of terrorism that stand out in our minds – such as 9/11, the World Trade Center bombing, San Bernardino, and Orlando – but these are just some of the more recent terrorist attacks taking place in America. In fact, terrorist attacks are nothing new. If you were to look back on history, you'd see that there are a lot of different times where terror has struck the country.

The U.S. is the freest nation on earth and is the next and likely final objective for jihadists. Understand this: The jihadis are already here, in America, awaiting orders as we've seen in these most recent attacks. In a post-9/11 America, it is especially important to arm ourselves with the proper self-defense techniques.

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Self-Defense Tip No. 1: ABC (Always Be Carrying)

If you live in a state where you're allowed to carry a gun, you are expected to do so. For example, take the recent jihad-related stabbings at the Mall of America in Minnesota. An off-duty police officer was able to stop the culprit in his tracks. Had he not been carrying, who knows how many people would have been stabbed by the suspect.

If you can't carry a gun, carry a knife. Carry a stick. Carry something that increases your chances of beating a threat – and know how to use it, should you ever need to. You need to have something for self-defense.

Self-Defense Tip No. 2: Swivel Head

Know your surroundings at all times. If you do not, then you are vulnerable. Always be aware of what is around you – at all times of the day – for self-defense purposes. For example, when you sit down at a restaurant, your back should always to the wall so that you can see everyone and everything around you.

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  • Enhance Your Stamina- Stay physically fit with cardio exercises inspired by martial arts and kickboxing.

Self Defense Tip No. 3: ‘Have a Plan to Kill Everyone You Meet'

Marine General “Mad Dog” Mattis once said, “Be polite. Be professional. But have a  plan to kill everyone you meet. This saying is true. It is important to be mentally prepared to kill a terrorist. One way to practice this technique is to go through mental exercises on a weekly basis. This will help arm you should the need for self-defense spontaneously arise.

Self Defense Tip No. 4: See Something, Say Something

The age of being a giant country overflowing to the brim with people too scared to take a stand is over. If we are going to survive, we need to stop walking on eggshells. If you are currently afraid of labeling someone as a terrorist who may actually be a terrorist, you need to stop that right now – not only for the sake of self-defense but for the sake of all mankind.

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Terrorists come in all shapes, sizes, and colors – brown, white, and black. They all share one common goal – to kill their enemies. The ones overseas are getting creative in recruiting local, home-grown terrorists. Someone somewhere knew these those suspected of the recent terrorist attacks were going on a killing spree. That person failed mankind. Don't be that person.

Self Defense Tip No. 5: Train Hard and Train Often

You need to know how to use your chosen self-defense weapon – be it a gun, a knife, or a stick. There's also something to be said about being in good shape. Knowing how to use your weapon and being in good enough shape to use it may make all the difference during a fight for your life – should the need arise.

Self Defense Tip No. 6: Expand Your Skill Set

Standing there at the range at 7, 10, and 15 yards with static targets at the other end will only do you so much. There may come a time when you need to shoot at a much shorter – or a much longer – distance than that of which you are used to shooting. Or you may need to shoot at a moving terrorist keen on poking holes into innocent people. If that scenario arises, you need to be able to react.

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It's better to train for it now and be armed with these self-defense techniques than to wait until it's too late.

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