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NSSF Published Its Economic Impact Report. What Does It Show?



gun industry impact on economy

The NSSF recently published a report confirming what we've all known to be true for a while: The gun industry supports the American economy in a big way. In fact, according to this report, our beloved firearms industry has contributed over 49 billion dollars to America's economy. Yes, that's 49. With a “b” after it.

The report doesn't stop there, however. It moves on to show just how much we support the economy with taxes, jobs, sales and growth. The following pictures and graphs all come from the NSSF Economic Impact Report of 2016.

Before we get there, let's discuss who makes up this generous industry. The National Shooting Sports Foundation claims that it has 13,000 members comprised of manufacturers, range owners, retailers, distributors, organizations and publishers like Gun Carrier. I am a media member of the NSSF.

The impact of the firearms industry on our economy has grown by 158% since the measly 19 Billion $ it was in 2008. Some of that is likely due to our fearful leader in chief located in the White House. Then again, a lot of it is also due to the fact that people are waking up to the violence around them. They realize that they aren't in Kansas anymore, Toto…

gun industry impact on economy

Firearm industry impact on economy

Also since 2008, in the year of our Obama, we created 73% more jobs. Currently, the gun industry employs more than 287,000 folks, with an average combined wage and benefit salary of over $50,000/year. Given the current job climate, that ain't too shabby.

gun industry jobs


We can't forget taxes, and there are a lot of those, as well:

gun industry and taxes


Just for giggles, here are the top 10 states for economic output:

gun industry top 10 states

Top 10 States

Here are the top 10 states for jobs:

gun industry jobs

Top 10 States for Jobs

Finally, here are the top 10 states for taxes:

gun industry taxes

Gun industry taxes

One thing is for certain, the firearms industry is a big part of the American economy. There would be a huge hole in jobs and economic growth if the Benghazi Butcher gets her way. Will she get into office? Only time will tell, but you can rest assured that if she does, the gun community will keep buying plenty of guns, ammo and accessories.

Sound off! What do you think about how firearms impact the economy? Let us know in the comments below. When you're done with that, make sure you like our friends over at Absolute Rights, bringing you the latest in breaking news.


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