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No matter how expert-level a person feels he is when it comes to using a home defense handgun, he may still need to develop additional skills in order to properly use a handgun for self-defense.

With the increasing number of robbery and home intrusion cases, homeowners have found the need to fortify their home defense weapons. Today, one of the best home defense methods homeowners have is a self-defense handgun. However, protecting the home and loved ones requires more than just purchasing the right type of guns and corresponding ammunition.

Home Defense Handgun | Essential Firearm Tips


 1. Keep the Finger Off the Trigger

Keep the finger off the trigger | Home Defense Handgun Know-How | Type of Guns
While most people are trained to pull the trigger at any minute, people who like to learn self and home defense must practice keeping their hands off the trigger until they are sure that the gun is directed at the intruder.


It is best to keep in mind that the home is a place full of innocent people. When the fingers are kept off the trigger, the person is given enough time to think his actions through. This will prevent the person from acting based on emotions and reactions alone. Always remember this when using a home defense handgun.

2. Equip the Home Defense Handgun with a Light

Equip the home defense handgun with a light | Home Defense Handgun Know-How | Type of Guns
Majority of home defense handguns available today have a type of rail attached to them. This is designed to accept different types of accessories, such as lights. Having lights on a gun is quite useful as it can help the shooter see where he is going, and can temporarily blind the intruder. Above all, it is useful in aligning the target clearly.

3. Keep Hollow Point Rounds and Low Grain in Mind

Keep hollow point rounds and low grain in mind | Home Defense Handgun Know-How | Type of Guns
When high-powered or full jacket rounds are used, the bullet has a big risk of going beyond the target, through the walls, into a room and even hitting or injuring a bystander. In order to avoid this from happening, the bullet can be slowed down by using a lower-grain round.

4. Take a Look at What Is Behind the Target

Take a look at what is behind the target | Home Defense Handgun Know-How | Type of Guns
In addition to ensuring that rounds will not go where they shouldn't be, the person holding the gun must also first determine if there is something or someone behind his target and to identify who or what it is.

No matter how many precautions are taken, the bullet has a tendency to go beyond its target. By knowing what may be behind the target, the risk of hurting an innocent person is reduced. Additionally, a frangible hollow point round can be used to ensure that the bullet stops in the target.



Watch this video by NSSF about handguns and using them for home defense:

Using a home defense handgun safely and effectively requires more than basic handgun knowledge. Having a gun is a responsibility, and it requires the user to develop social awareness in order to ensure that no innocent people will be hurt. This is most especially true when the handgun is being used for self-defense. Firing a gun inside the home entails bigger risk and will, therefore, require a bigger responsibility of its user.

Any handgun usage tips of your own to add? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in January 2018 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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