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Concealed Carry Wardrobe Tips



Concealed carry is a good way to ensure you are armed and ready to defend yourself, with no one the wiser. Your choice of wardrobe is an essential part of carrying a firearm for concealed carry. Having the necessary knowledge of firearms, gun concealment, and self-defense is a field in which Massad Ayoob is good at. He's not a fashion expert, but he sure knows how to carry a concealed weapon. Massad can always tell if you're going to expose a concealed carry gun with the clothes you're wearing. Watch the video and learn about concealed carry wardrobe tips from Massad himself.

Concealed Carry Wardrobe Tips

concealed-carry-wardrobe-tips | concealed carry guns

Massad Ayoob's Concealed Carry Wardrobe Tips Photo by (Youtube)

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  • Both men and women alike can make use of this concealed gun holster. Doesn't matter if you draw by right hand or left hand and is sized so that one size fits all (any waist size up to 47 inches). It can be worn with just about anything; suit and tie, jeans and T-shirt, gym shorts, and even a bathing suit! It means YOU DON´T NEED TO REDUCE YOUR CHOICE OF WARDROBE

Ankle Holsters

Obviously, this concealed carry method is not compatible with capri pants and peg bottom jeans. You would basically need what tailors call a straight leg. These are the men's sack suit when you're dressing formally. Most uniform pants have a straight drop to the cuff, which is also true for boot cut cuff in jeans. Flares (bell bottom) work great with ankle rigs but it's a bit old-fashioned for today's gun carriers. However, anything that's tight at the bottom is going to cause an obvious problem.

Pocket Carry

A lot of jeans and casual pants have very shallow pockets not suitable for pocket carry. You don't want your pistol to stick out with its backstrap visible to anyone standing behind you. As a general rule, when you try some pants on, make sure the pocket goes just above the wrist. This makes for a good pocket for concealed-carry guns deep enough for the pistol and its holster. As for waistband holsters, see to it that the waistband is about 2 inches thicker than what you'd normally wear. This ensures it can accommodate the bulk of the gun and the holster.

Jacket Concealment

As a rule of thumb, go up two numbers in size when it comes to jackets. If you usually wear a size 42 regular sport coat, settle for a size 44 regular on the hip to fit you better with a gun. Look for a design with a vent in the center for your suit coat. Jackets with side vents may be more fashionable, but it's going to catch the butt of the gun and expose it. Shoulder holsters are another way of effectively concealing a handgun, a style used mostly by law enforcers.


Here's the video of Massad's concealed carry wardrobe tips by

Your handgun is the most important defense tool in your everyday carry kit. Your wardrobe, on the other hand, plays an important role in concealing the firearm. Think about walking in unfamiliar territory and the possibility of someone stalking you nearby. If the attacker knows you're carrying a gun, he can readily choose from his bag of tricks and pursue you in another way. Worse if he knows where you're hiding the gun. It always helps if an attacker is caught by surprise. It's going to be difficult to pursue someone who's unknowingly equipped with a gun and ready to shoot.

What can you say about these wardrobe tips for concealed carry? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in October 2015 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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