TacBox FS Master Listing (Black, FS10: Over 1″ Wide Handguns)


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Brand: BukTek

Color: Black


  • Be Prepared! With the TacBox your handgun will be in the same location and position every time allowing an intuitive and fast reaction.
  • * TacBox FS is 7″ Long, for smaller spaces use the TacBox SC small design which measures 4.5″ Long x 1.75″ Wide
  • Use for Fast Access Mounted Holster Box or Long Term Storage
  • For use in Vehicles, Home / Office, Gunsafes, etc.
  • Designed to fit 1 Semi-Auto Handgun and 2 Magazines
  • Connect any combination of boxes for the perfect custom storage solution
  • Fit: FS10 fits Semi-Automatic Pistols over 1 Inch wide, FS20 fits Semi-Auto Pistols between 3/4″ and 1″ Wide
  • Size: 7.0 Long x 2.25 Wide x 5.25 Tall (Inches)

Package Dimensions: 70x253x322

Details: TacBox FS is a Large Pistol Holster Box measuring 7″ long. For smaller spaces and pistols please check out the TacBox SC. The TacBox is designed to be customized and mounted in multiple ways to fit your specific needs: Gun Fit: Choose the size TacBox FS that fits your gun. Each TacBox includes foam spacers that can be trimmed to adjust the resting height of the gun and magazines. Just trim each spacer with a scissors until they sit at the preferred height. Pro Tip: If you would like a tighter fit for your specific gun, place a strip of foam tape on the inside of each side of the TacBox. This will compress in the foam resulting in a more firm fit. Adhesive-mounted: The included 3M double-sided tape is most commonly used, for a semi-permanent bond with smooth hard surfaces including plastic and metal Screw-mounted: Wood or sheet metal screws can be used on the TacBox to secure it more permanently to the surface of your choosing. Mounting holes located on the sides and base of the TacBox And for more configuration options, be sure to check out: TacBox FS Connector Bar: This custom-manufactured connector bar lets you snap two TacBox FS units together quickly and easily. TacBox FS Decorative Plugs: Finish the look of your TacBox. These snap in decorative plugs fill the side mounting holes when not in use. Included in Package: (1) TacBox FS Enclosure Box (1) TacBox FS Enclosure Cap (1) TacBox FS Foam Insert (set) (2) 3m Professional Double Sided Adhesive Tape Pads and Cleaning Wipes


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