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5 Pistol Modifications You Need To Avoid | Gun Carrier

Some pistol modifications have downsides that far outweighs the ergonomic gain. Read on and find out which aftermarket modifications you need to avoid!

Pistol Modifications | Mods You Can Do Without

Most of the gun enthusiasts fancy pistol modifications. They can’t get enough of installing aftermarket accessories or do a full custom job to satisfy their desire to turn their guns into cooler versions which often exceed its original configuration. Some modifications can make your pistols more useful and enjoyable to shoot, but some can mess up your gun and make it unsafe to use. Learn about the five pistol modifications to avoid to keep your gun in good shape.

1. Do not reduce trigger pull weight

The pistol’s trigger and ergonomics can be keys to a shooter’s accuracy. Some might say using a light and crisp trigger can bring out the best in a user’s ability to shoot, but the truth is, there are serious consequences that come with using this modification.

Reducing the pull weight can make your handgun more unreliable or more dangerous especially if you’ll use it for self-defense. If it is lighter than the factory standard, then there is a good chance of accidentally double tapping the trigger that may result in shooting an unintended target.

However, if you’re bent on using a light trigger pull weight, may I recommend a couple of handguns that you might fancy? Try the Glock 19 Gen 3 or Sig Sauer Legion, both come with a great trigger and will no longer need any pistol modification.

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2. Do not add slip-on grips

image via Hogue

More often than not, a slip-on grip goes up and over the magazine catch. And when you want to release the magazine catch, it won’t push and release the magazine since it can’t seat properly. There are also instances where it can slide down if it doesn’t fit the gun well. This can be a really annoying nuisance you don’t want to deal with when firing your handgun.

3. Avoid using extended magazines

One of the most popular and easiest gun modification is the extended magazine. But if you want to use your handgun for concealed carry, it would be a worthless addition. An extended mag can make it more difficult for you to conceal your pistol plus, it restricts the clothes you can wear and can be very inconvenient. Not only that, extensions can cause reliability issues as well.

So if you worry about running out of ammunition when caught in a gunfight or a dangerous situation, carrying a spare magazine can be the best option.

4. Do not use recoil buffers

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A recoil buffer is a little piece of plastic or rubber that goes at the back of the recoil spring and keeps the gun from beating itself to death. However, most of these things break into pieces and can cause the gun to jam. It can also give you more recoil and can shorten the slide stroke which can result in failure to feed and failure of the action to lock open when it is empty.

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5. Avoid threaded barrels

Threaded barrels are a necessity for attaching a suppressor to a gun and it is one of the pistol modifications you may want to avoid on a CCW. For one, no one conceals a gun with a suppressor and another reason is it will make the gun difficult to draw. It can snag on the holster or on your clothing, especially if you draw it the wrong way.


Watch this video from SensiblePrepper and learn some tips on how to choose the right handgun for you!

Using pistol modifications is a choice, but we have to be wise in determining what’s beneficial and what’s a potential risk. Most likely, a true gun enthusiast will change something in their pistol to meet their expectations of what their gun should be. Nonetheless, one must always practice caution when altering a handgun for self-defense. It does not only affect your gun’s performance, but there are also legal repercussions that come with radically modified self-defense pistols. Therefore, having knowledge about pistol modifications is important before changing anything.

Do you know other pistol modifications we need to avoid? Share it with us in the comments below!