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Hidden Gun Storage Ideas | Picture Frame Gun Storage & More

Gun storage isn’t just about choosing the proper safe. It’s also about location and concealment that gives the gun owner quick access to his/her firearms without creating a situation where the wrong person can find their stash. Our friends over at put together a sweet little roundup of badass hidden gun storage ideas, and we wanted to share some of it. 

A gun hidden behind a picture frame is just one of the many creative ideas for a secret gun storage. Look around the house: a shelf or any extra space can actually become a storage area for your firearm. Now multiply that with the number of rooms in your home. From the master bedroom to the living room, study room to the bathroom, your basement and your garage, it is almost limitless. Oh, and there’s the attic, too.

Picture Frame Hidden Gun Storage Idea

Because it’s a free country and your circumstances may not be the same as somebody else’s, the place that you decide to use for gun storage is entirely up to you. We can only give some ideas that may inspire you to start your own secret little project.

You Will Need:

Step 1.

Note:  We recommend drilling a hole 1/4” or just slightly more from the edge. Not just for strength purposes, but when closed the 1/4” board used as backing will fit perfectly inside so picture is flush against the wall.

Step 2.

Step 3.

Add motion detectors to the inside of the picture frame to set an alarm in case your hiding spot is disturbed! You can find these at Walmart.

Get the complete details here

Additional Hidden Gun Storage Ideas:

1) Go Underground.

Start at the basement or cellar. You can also dig a hole in the garage or garden and bury your firearm. What is important to remember is to put the gun in an airtight container especially if you want to hide it there for a long time.

2) Use the vents. These are usually located in accessible places which is a plus. You just need a chair or a table to reach your gun after removing the vent cover. If you use a ladder, members of the household namely your children will start asking questions.

3) Old boxes in the attic. Use one that does not stand out and label it with something that does not make anyone curious. Just make sure that the temperature is regulated to avoid exposing it to heat or moisture.

4) A large, old coat in the closet. The pockets should be big enough to conceal a pistol or revolver. It should be a coat that nobody will ever think of wearing.

5) Stereo speakers. We are talking about the old sound systems whose speaker boxes are easy to open and spacious enough for small guns and rifles.

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